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UPDATE 11/18/16: One hair color (white) and one hair style (long and tousled) may not be in the release version of the game. This is noted where applicable. Additionally, the pink brown color has been added to the list.

It's a true fact that the better you look in video games, the better you perform. I know people who know people who have confirmed this. And thus, my desire to always look good in video games is ever-present. Which means the newly released Pokémon Sun and Moon games are about to get hit with a major wave of handsome.

See, in addition to offering lots of apparel with which to customize your character, the games also have a salon wherein you can cut and/or color your character's hair. Unfortunately, you don't actually get to see what the hair styles and colors look like until after you've gone through with the change.

Which is why I've gone through the trouble of trying them all and putting them on display here so you can decide which is the right look for you!

(Looking for the female hair styles? We have 'em on display here! How about all of the contact and lipstick colors? Yup, we have those too!)

All The Different Hair Colors In 'Sun and Moon' For Males

Before diving it, you should know that haircuts cost 4,000 Pokémon dollars, hair dyeing costs 2,000 Pokémon dollars, and doing both at once will cost 5,000 Pokémon dollars (saving you a bit in the process). Now, with that out of the way, let's take a look at the different color options available — and if you already like your hair color, skip on down to the hair styles section below!

Please note: There were White and Wine Red hair color options in the data files, but they do not appear to be available in the first town. They may have been cut from the game or may just exist further into the islands. This post will be updated if I find a definitive answer!


Honey Blond and Dark Brown

Ash Brown and Caramel Blond

Platinum Blond and Wine Red (possibly not yet implemented)

Pink Brown

Males have slightly more options for hair colors than females, but then again, they don't have the option to adjust bangs the way female characters do. As with the female colors and styles, I like the options we have but am hopeful we'll see more added in future updates to Sun and Moon. While I wait for that, though, there are a lot more styles to keep me interested.

All The Different Hair Styles In 'Sun and Moon' For Males

Unfortunately, where males have more color options than females, they have only six styles to choose from instead of seven. However, they are still quite the fashionable look, if I do say so myself.

Please note: As with the mysterious White hair option missing from the release version's first town, the Long and Tousled style below also appeared in the data files, but does not appear to be available (yet?). If I find out more, I'll be sure to update this post!

Medium and Layered & Medium and Smooth

Caesar Cut & Long and Tousled (possibly not yet implemented)

Modern Quiff & Braided Cornrows

And that's it! Despite not having as many styles as the female characters, there's still a decent selection here. My personal favorite is the long and tousled look with the caramel blond hair...sadly, long and tousled doesn't appear available yet, which puts medium and layered as my pick.

What's your favorite cut/color combination for your Sun and Moon character?

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