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There's a lot to take in when you first start playing Prey. You've got a complicated upgrade and skill system, a wide variety of cunning enemies and a lot of environmental hazards to contend with. Among all the noise, you might be forgiven for missing out on how exactly the status effects of work and what they do. Let's see if we can't help.

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There's a variety of status effects in Prey that affect your character in various ways. Some are helpful, some hurtful, and some of them can even cancel each other out or cure an opposing status ailment. The game doesn't offer much in the way of information on what exactly they do or how they interact, but we've got a to help you understand.

Well Fed

'Prey' [Credit: Bethesda]
'Prey' [Credit: Bethesda]

Being well fed occurs when you've recently eaten a bunch of healthy food. This status effect will increase the rate at which both your health regenerates and your stamina recovers. This effect will fade after a while unless you top up the condition by eating. Getting affected by Radiation Sickness will also cause the Well Fed condition to end.

Suit Damage

When your suit integrity is low, you'll suffer the Suit Damage status effect. [Credit: Bethesda]
When your suit integrity is low, you'll suffer the Suit Damage status effect. [Credit: Bethesda]

Suit Damage means, quite literally, that your protective suit has been damaged. It occurs when your suit integrity dips too low. This status means your suit will block less damage than normal until you either use a Suit Repair Kit or visit an Engineering Operator.

Radiation Sickness

Radiation sickness essentially has the opposite effect of Well Fed, if you get exposed to two much radiation, you'll have this status inflicted on you. It will slow your stamina recovery and health regeneration. If you were Well Fed, Radiation Sickness will cancel that status. To cure Radiation Sickness you'll need to use Anti-Rads or visit a Medical Operator.


Fear usually occurs around enemies. Being under the effect of the Fear condition will reduce your accuracy with firearms and your composure. To cancel out the Fear effect, you will either have to wait for the status to fade away over time or cancel it out by getting drunk.


'Prey' [Credit: Bethesda]
'Prey' [Credit: Bethesda]

You'll get the drunk status effect if you drink alcohol, unsurprisingly. Being drunk will blur your vision, making it harder to aim. It will also reduce your stamina, cause you to stumble, and move unsteadily. On the plus side, it increases your melee/physical damage and cures the Fear effect.

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