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Are you playing through Dishonored and its DLCs again to prepare yourself for the coming spinoff standalone Death of the Outsider? You're not the only one, but after playing through the game so many times, how can you make it feel fresh again? Why, try playing a canon-only playthrough, of course.

has always been about player choice, but certain events were canonized during the production of Dishonored 2 to easily fit in with the story. So if you want to conduct a canon playthrough, you're going to have to do some reading.

Corvo Attano was stable throughout the game, despite losing his loved one the Empress, witnessing Emily's kidnapping, being betrayed and ultimately left for dead. You'd assume that after all these tribulations he'd go ballistic and murder everything in sight, but the canon chaos level is pretty low. only killed when it was necessary. So what are some of the other canon choices you can make in Dishonored?

Hide And Seek

Corvo has the option to play hide and seek with young Emily Kaldwin when he arrives back in Dunwall. Even though he has news to deliver to the Empress, he takes a moment to play a fun game with the young girl.

Granny Rags

Granny Rags was a sweet, old blind woman who kept pet rats and had a bit of a memory problem. Wait, she tried to cook Slackjaw in a stew?! OK, maybe she's not so sweet. Corvo faces off against Granny in the sewers on his way back to the pub, where she is disturbingly lucid while attempting to have a man for dinner.

Corvo kills her and saves Slackjaw, who later shows up in Dishonored novel The Corroded Man.

The High Overseer

Overseer Cambell is the corrupt leader of the Abbey of The Everyman. He also knows where Emily is being held. Corvo infiltrates his office and uses the Heretics Brand against him, effectively destroying Campbell's life and forcing his removal from the Abbey. Later, you can see him as a weeper in the Flooded District, and in Emily can overhear a member of the Abbey preaching his tale.

Geoff Curnow

The captain of the city watch and uncle to Callista, Geoff Curnow was the man who traveled with Corvo at the beginning of the game to find a cure for the rat plague. Corvo is asked by Callista to save her uncle; she's sure there's a plot by Campbell to poison him and requests Corvo keep him safe. Corvo makes sure Curnow lives to see the light of day.

The Pendleton Twins

The horrible older siblings to Treavor, the twins control the slave mines that give the Pendleton family their fortune. The twosome were responsible for holding Emily prisoner at the Golden Cat "bathhouse."

These two are later dealt with by Slackjaw and the Bottle Street Gang in a nonlethal yet poetic manner — forced into manual labor in their own slave mines.

Billie Lurk

Billie was Daud's second in command during the Dishonored DLC. She betrays him and tries to usurp him as the leader of the Whalers while aligning herself with Delilah Copperspoon. Daud spares her life, telling her never to come back to Dunwall.

Lady Waverly Boyle

Lady Waverly Boyle is an aristocrat and mistress to Hiram Burrows who aided in the assassination of the Empress. She is a target in "Lady Boyle's Last Party" in which Corvo attends a masquerade ball and must figure out which Boyle sister is the culprit. He ultimately doesn't kill her, letting her go near the end of the mission.

The Royal Interrogator

Remember the guy who tortures you at the beginning of the game? You meet him again when you return to Dunwall Tower. His name is Morris Sullivan and he is a sadistic worshiper of the Outsider and friends with Granny Rags. When Corvo meets him again, they engage in a fight and Corvo kills him.


After Corvo is poisoned and has to make his way through the Flooded District, he will come face-to-face with the man who destroyed his world. Surprising both Daud and the Outsider, Corvo decides to walk away after hearing Daud's plea. Later, he expresses regret at this fact in the novel The Corroded Man.

Hiram Burrows

The man behind it all — the one who took away Empress Jessamine and started Corvo on a path he'll never return from. Corvo plays a tape of Burrows admitting that he was the mastermind behind not just Jessamine's murder, but the rat plague in Dunwall, admitting to having rodents brought in from Pandyssia. He is arrested and later lawfully executed by Corvo

Delilah Copperspoon

Though Delilah isn't a part of the main game, she is a part of the DLC and one of the only confirmed canon choices to that story. Delilah and Daud face off in the Void as Delilah is about ready to complete her dark ritual. Daud defeats her and traps her inside her painting.

Enjoy your Dishonored playthroughs and make sure to keep an eye out for Dishonored: Death of the Outsider when it's released on September 15.


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