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It's no secret that I'm a big fan of making video game characters look as good as possible. Some might argue that's true to a fault, but I just turn my head and scoff at those people while looking fabulous as heck.

Pokémon Sun and Moon allow me to continue this personal trend of looking good, as they both offer several customization options. Among those are the options to change your eye colors (via contact lenses) and, for female characters, your lipstick color. Today, we'll be showcasing both of these options and hopefully saving you some time deciding which particular colors fit your character best.

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All The Different Contact Colors In 'Sun and Moon'

Unlike getting your hair cut and colored, changing your eye or lipstick colors don't cost any money. Simply visit any apparel store and step into the changing room. From here, you can either change your outfit, your eye color, or your lipstick color. Sadly, you can only do one at a time, but thankfully the process is a bit faster than getting your hair done.

It's cool (albeit a bit surprising) to see how many atypical eye color options exist, given that the hair color palette is somewhat standard. That being said, some of the eye color options look pretty similar (e.g., gray and blue or hazel and yellow) but they're still pretty cool, if you ask me. Now, let's actually use our special eyes and look at other special eyes.

Hazel and Gray

Green and Blue

Black and Yellow


Again, some of them are a bit similar, but overall, I'm a fan of the eye color options available in Sun and Moon!

All The Different Lipstick Colors In 'Sun and Moon'

Meanwhile, female characters can also change what color lipstick their wearing. While most options seem to be some shade of red, there are a few options that really stick out! Maybe lipstick is your thing, maybe it isn't. Hopefully the list below helps you decide!

No Lipstick (default)

Nude Pink and Coral Orange

Bright Pink and Summer Red

Note: These two colors are very similar! It's not much easier to tell the difference in-game than it is here. The only real difference is that Bright Pink is — no surprise here — slightly more pink than Summer Red.

Deep Burgundy and Icy Blue

That's all of 'em! It's possible more combinations will be unlocked further in the game or even added in future updates, but these are the ones you'll be able to apply during the first part of the game.

Personally, I like the black contact color with no lipstick. Some of the lipstick colors here stick out a bit too much for my liking, but it all depends on how you imagine your character's personality!

What is your favorite contact and lipstick color combination?


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