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The third game in the Dawn of War series of real-time strategy games is almost here, promising more units, more destruction and colossal robot action in the grim future of Games Workshop's setting.

All The 'Dawn Of War 3' Pre-Order Bonuses And Special Edition Contents Explained

For all of you fans of the 40k universe and the games, we've prepared a to every pre-order bonus, special edition and piece of bonus content you can get access to in Dawn of War 3.

'Dawn of War 3' Pre-Order Bonuses

[Credit: Sega]
[Credit: Sega]

Pre-order bonuses that accompany any version of Dawn Of War 3, either physical or digital, give you access to the following exclusive in-game content:

  • An exclusive "Dark Queen" skin for the Imperial Titan Lady Solaria.
  • An exclusive "Ghostseer" skin for the Wraithknight Farseer Taldeer.
  • An exclusive "Big Kustom" skin for the Morkanaut Beauty.

You can see the 360 degree 3D views of the custom skins below.

In addition, if you pre-order through , you'll receive the following premium vehicle skins for Company of Heroes 2:

  • Soviets - Blood Raven Skin.
  • Wehrmacht Ostheer - Bad Moons Skin.
  • Oberkommando West - Banshee Skin.
  • US Forces- Librarian Skin.
  • British Forces - Biel Tan Skin.

'Dawn Of War 3' Limited Edition

[Credit: Sega]
[Credit: Sega]

The Dawn Of War 3 Limited Edition will cost $64.99 and only comes in a physical edition. It includes the exclusive pre-order skins as well as the following bonus content:

  • A lenticular art card.
  • The official soundtrack to the game in digital form.
  • A premium disc book to store your game discs.

'Dawn Of War 3' Collector's Edition

[Credit: Sega]
[Credit: Sega]

The Dawn Of War 3 Collector's Edition is the most expensive edition of the game, costing $129.99 and also only comes in a physical edition. It includes the pre-order skins, all the content of the Limited Edition and the following bonus content:

  • A detailed, hand cast replica of the God Splitter Daemon Hammer.
  • Three mounted cloth banners, each representing one of the in-game factions.

Which edition of Dawn of War 3 are you planning on getting? Let us know in the comments!


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