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Made to celebrate 20 years of , looks back to tradition but also brings quite a lot of shiny new things to the franchise. The Mega-Evolutions got darker, and there are some great new Legendaries. But one of the coolest innovations are the Z-Moves, powerful attacks available once per battle triggering special animations that crowd the screen.

Pokémon can only use a Z-Move if its Trainer is wearing a Z-Ring with a Z-Crystal set in it matching the Z-Crystal the Pokémon holds. The Pokémon can equip a Z-Crystal if it knows a move of the related type (e.g. a Pokémon who knows Quick Attack can equip the Normalium Z-Crystal). Some Z-Crystals are exclusive to particular Pokémon. So if you want to get the most of these powerful moves, you'll need to get as many Crystals as you can.

Pokémon Sun And Moon Z-Crystal Locations

The necessity of keying the Crystals to Pokémon types has led to some weird-sounding minerals that make me groan even more than the sexual innuendos — "Fightingium has quantum properties. When observed, it is at the same time under the microscope and decking you in the face". But at least you won't get confused about which Crystals to use.

  • Normal Z-Crystal: Awarded once the first trial is completed.
  • Fighting Z-Crystal: defeat the first Kahuna, Hau
  • Water Z-Crystal: complete the second trial (Lana)
  • Fire Z-Crystal: beat the third trial (Kiawe).
  • Grass Z-Crystal: complete the fourth trial with Mallow
  • Rock Z-Crystal: defeat the second Kahuna (Olivia) OR trade for one with the hiker in Tapu Village's PokeCenter.
  • Electric Z-Crystal: awarded upon completion of the fifth trial (Sophocles)
  • Steel Z-Crystal: beat Molayne
  • Ghost Z-Crystal: complete sixth trial (Acerola)
  • Bug Z-Crystal: defeat Guzma in his hideout
  • Dark Z-Crystal: defeat Nanu, the third Kahuna
  • Poison Z-Crystal: awarded by Plumeria on Poni island.
  • Ground Z-Crystal: defeat the fourth Kahuna, Hapu
  • Fairy Z-Crystal: given by Mina at the Poni Canyon
  • Dragon Z-Crystal: complete the seventh trial
  • Ice Z-Crystal: found in Mount Lanakila
  • Flying Z-Crystal: at Ten Carat Hill

Pokémon Specific Z-Crystals In Pokémon Sun And Moon

Pulverizing Pancake, not as sweet as it sounds
Pulverizing Pancake, not as sweet as it sounds

There are stricter rules for using Pokémon-specific Z-Crystals. Your Pokémon needs to know a specific move in order to unlock the Crystal's power. E.g. Snorlax can't use Pulverising Pancake from Snorlium-Z unless it first knows Giga Impact.

  • Pikanium Z: talk to the girl who has three Pikachu in KoniKoni City. Teach Pikachu the Volt Tackle
  • Incineroar Z: if Litten is your starter, then this is given to you by Kukui after defeating Guzma for the first time otherwize you get it after defeating Hau
  • Primarina Z and Decidueye Z: gifted to you by Hau once you become the champion
  • Tapunium Z: defeat Tapu Koko after becoming the champion
  • Snorlium Z: download the special Munchlax
  • Alolan Raichu Z: talk to the woman in the Seafolk Village with Alolan Raichu in your party
  • Evee Z: talk to the man in the thrifty megamart and defeat the eight Eevee evolutions.

Psych yourself up and witness the awesome power of Z-Moves below:


What's cooler? Z-Moves or Mega Evolutions?


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