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We've all dreamed of the day that David Tennant suddenly showed up in front of us to tell us that the universe is in danger and he needs our help. There's just something special about the story of Doctor Who. It's thrilling, emotional, comedic and uplifting so it's no surprise that there are legions of fans who would love to experience the reality of adventuring with the Doctor.

Part of the excitement of Doctor Who's adventures is that in order to save the universe, it requires a time machine neatly wrapped inside an old Police Box, called the TARDIS. It's bigger on the inside and we all wish that we had one of our own to take a spin around all of space and time.

Thanks to the BBC fans around the world can get one step closer to piloting their own TARDIS. So, if you've ever thought about what it would feel like to outrun the Daleks, evade the Cyberman or even race against the Ice Warriors - then you should definitely check out the new mobile game Time Vortex 360.

As the iconic theme song plays, players are hurtled into the VR time stream to pilot the TARDIS. In the game players embark on a journey in a sort of endless-runner format where you pilot the Tardis using the gyroscopic tilt/twist to move the Tardis on the screen to avoid asteroids, collect powerups, slip through obstacles and evade the Doctor's greatest enemies.

Although the game isn't quite cannon in the sense that you are sometimes required to turn around physically to evade an incoming attack from behind, the concept is absolutely spot on and it's surprising that a game like this hasn't been created yet with how popular the series is in general.

The beauty of this game is that you can use your mobile phone to fly the TARDIS wherever you are. Digital innovation is at the very heart of Doctor Who – this 360 degree game allows people to navigate the TARDIS through time and space like never before." - Jo Pearce, BBC Digital Drama's Creative Director

If nothing else, Time Vortex 360 is a great way to escape into the time stream while we wait to see what happens with Doctor Who in the current season. Even if you don't play the game on your smartphone (which I don't know why you wouldn't) you can play the desktop version and navigate using standard click and drag motions.

Are you ready to experience piloting the TARDIS yourself? Head over to the BBC's Taster Platform to take it for a spin!


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