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Floppy discs... the poor, defunct storage system kids these days don't even know existed ("why does the 'save' icon always looks like some kind of weird folder?!"). Alas, floppy discs (and their cousins, the even bigger 'B' floppy discs), we knew thee well, but your 1.44 MB worth of space just isn't gonna cut it anymore. And that's assuming our state-of-the-art laptops even have A drives! Which they don't.

But wait—don't throw that massive collection of floppies away just yet. There may still be some use for them...

Floppy discs—taste the rainbow.
Floppy discs—taste the rainbow.

If playing games the traditional way just isn't good enough for you, why not put a new spin on your routine (or throw a wrench in it)? The Alt Ctrl Game Jam has been coming up with "unique" types of controllers to play your favorites games with for some time now, but this newest addition to their lineup may be the best invention yet.

Introducing... Mr. Floppy!

You're seeing that right—that is a genuine, old school floppy disc hooked up to that laptop, and it's not for storage purposes either! He's using the casual flip, flap, flop of its metal cover to control the pixelated floppy disc on the screen, making it move and jump as part of a game called Mr Floppy System's Recovery.

If that doesn't sound like the little floppy disc that could, then call me Watty Piper.

Though developers Cosmografik and Omar Louhichi cite the project as "still in development," you can apparently craft your own Mr. Floppy with an "old floppy disk, a MakeyMakey card and some old wires" should you have the urge to go full floppy. Check out their site here for all the floppy details.

The crazy alternative control methods don't stop there, though. Peruse the Alt Ctrl Game Jam website and you'll find a plethora of ridiculous, ludicrous, and all those other -ous words that mean "downright crazy", controllers. Prepare to plug in your...

Water controller

In this aptly titled game Poséidon, developed by "Hell" and "Llucile," you have to transfer water back and forth between two bowls to move your boat up and down and avoid the enemies on screen. I thought you were supposed to keep electronics away from water...?

Or how about a... coffee maker?!

"Brew actual coffee on an actual coffee maker to serve virtual customers" is how developer Rasmus Dyhr Larsen describes his creation. I always thought the point of games was to let you do things you could never do otherwise... but I suppose coffee lovers would love a game like this! As long as stealing sips doesn't detract from your score.

The video below, put out by Alt Ctrl Game Jam, shows a few other alternative controllers in action, from face-smashing the keyboard, to using a guitar controller for decidedly un-guitar-worthy games, to using a... pickle?! You've got to see it to believe it.

Some of the strange alternate controllers built during the Alt Ctrl Game Jam:

Though we don't have to stray too far from home to find some alternative controller users. Our very own Rudeism here on Now Loading is somewhat of a celebrity when it comes to his "alternative" play styles.

From his humble beginnings of playing Rocket League with a guitar controller to leveling all the way to 100 in World of Warcraft using two dance pad controllers, he's a pro at mastering the strangest, most impossible-sounding controller/game combinations known to man. Follow him and all his crazy escapades on his Twitch page.

Whether it's making your own controllers out of things that definitely shouldn't be controllers or using the entirely wrong controller for a game, alternative controllers are, as Rudeism put in his article, a "great way to breathe new life into older games." Or to invent all-new games that warp and stretch our creativity.

What kind of controller will they dream up next? We already have a pickle controller, but what about a pizza controller? Or how about a biscuits and gravy controller (I think I'm hungry)? Or hey, what if we could control games with our minds? Might not be that far off!

For more controller tomfooleries, check out these other articles on Now Loading:

Which controller would you most like to get your hands on? Any other crazy controller concoctions you've seen floating around the interwebz? Let us know in the comments!


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