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We all know about the #BlackFriday phenomenon and just how low some of the prices can fall, but even I found myself rubbing my eyes in disbelief when I saw the prices Amazon's offering for the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Now, don't get too excited, they are not the new versions of the consoles (PS4Pro and Xbox One S), but you can now obtain the latest generation in gaming technology for a fraction of the original price. What's not to love there?

Beating The Competition

Which one would you choose? (
Which one would you choose? (

Cyber Monday is very much upon us and the savings are just too sweet. Although I lack the funds, I have found myself more than tempted to splash out on the latest technology offerings that stores can offer. But like every other time of year, our shopping habits have changed: It's a lot easier to spend all my money whilst sat down, rather than braving the sheer chaos that some of the more popular stores offer to me.

It seems as if Amazon is just dangling the perfect gaming set up in front of its users, begging them to take the nibble and spend a somewhat discounted amount of dollars creating their ultimate gaming rig. The discounts come thick and fast with the highlights being the Xbox One S, The Playstation Slim and a bunch of 4K televisions. Combine these together and you are pretty much set for hours of lost time spent immersed in the ever expanding world of video gaming.

It's The Flash

The perfect gaming set up (
The perfect gaming set up (

As well as the main sale which has been heavily advertised across a series of social media platforms, Amazon will also be offering a series of flash sales that will take place throughout Cyber Monday. This can give Amazon the edge over their high street competitors as they are able to control exactly what goes on sale at what time and can see what people are buying, so can cater the sales around this. The lower the price of the popular items, the more money they will make, simple logic really.

The sales, dubbed as "lightning sales," usually will only last a couple of hours, if not a single hour, so it will be very wise to keep an eye on their website throughout the day if you are wanting to pick up that cheap deal. I believe they may even drop the price even lower on the consoles during this window if their sale proves popular enough.

Hundreds of products have been reduced. Consoles, accessories, and games have been reduced on many online media outlets, including the Playstation Network and Xbox Live. However it's never been a better time to pick up the console itself. You can get the console and the games themselves on a discount, as well as a brand new television to boost those silky smooth graphics.

Amazon have trumped the brick and mortar stores and continue to be the behemoths of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. The ball is in your court Amazon, here's hoping you keep possession next year and land that slam dunk.

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