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I knew I loved amiibos for a reason. Not only because they're infinitely collectable and provide yet another legitimate reason to allow Nintendo to drag me down the rabbit hole that is nostalgia while adding tiny bonus perks to some of my favorite games. Nope. No way, no how!

Apparently now they also drop massive heaps of spoils surrounding a particular future Nintendo console that we all (kinda, maybe) know a smidgeon of info about. And today's race around the rumor ring is sponsored by release dates!

Recently Nintendo of Europe's French page dropped dates for three impending Zelda: Breath of the Wild themed amiibo, and they look immense!

Image source - GamesRadar
Image source - GamesRadar

But, most interestingly, the Archer Link, Rider Link and Guardian amiibos' release dates have gotten a few corners of the internet frothy with excitement at what could signal the release dates for the NX and, of course, Breath of the Wild.

Logged in to an unveiling on March 4, 2017, you would expect the amiibos to align with Breath of the Wild's dates, because we can assume they would bring super-special perks to the game, and game-related amiibos normally get released around the same time as their corresponding game.

But What About The NX?!

Image source - Twinfinite
Image source - Twinfinite

This is what really got me arching an eyebrow in suspicion. If the NX is indeed a reboot of sorts for ol' Nintypoo, you would expect them to launch the console on a Sunday in North America, because do you remember when Nintendo launched nearly all of their consoles and software on a Sunday?

Yep, the NES released on a Sunday, as did the Nintendo 64, the Game Boy Advance SP, the Nintendo DS, the Wii, the 3DS and the Wii U. Why, I hear you ask? Well despite the unsung heroes that head into work on a friggin' Sunday, the last day of the week is usually one spent doing sweet nothing. So what better way to celebrate a day of plenty chillins than with a tasty new Nintendo console!

Image source - AndroidAuthority
Image source - AndroidAuthority

So could it be that a few awesome figurines may have revealed the date for Nintendo's daring jaunt into a new dawn? Possibly! We could very well be admiring our new amiibos on the Saturday, and then heading back down to the local store for a midnight launch for both the NX and Breath of the Wild.

So... I think it could be safe to assume we'll all be playing Breath of the Wild this March! But, meh, pinch of salt, gamer! Pinch of salt. This could all be a simple mistake on NoE's part.

What do you think?

Is it back to the future for Nintendo, or are we all getting clammy for no reason?

(Source: NeoGAF, Reddit)


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