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Today at , BioWare teased their upcoming game, . Rumors have been circulating about this game for quite some time and, until now, we knew the game only by its codename "Dylan." BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn ramped up the hype with a teaser early Friday:

The Anthem presentation offered precious little information beyond a teaser trailer:

The teaser provides no information about gameplay, but there's plenty we can glean about the setting. The imagery is superficially similar to Attack on Titan: Humanity in a state of post-apocalypse, hunkering down behind an enormous wall for protection from the outside world. However, unlike Attack on Titan, the teaser also displays some high tech toys in the form of a power suit. In Anthem, we may see a scenario of nature vs. machine.

Beyond the presentation, Anthem is rumored to be a "live service" multiplayer game in the vein of . While not quite an MMO, it could contain some MMO elements: persistent, online, multiplayer gameplay. While Anthem is likely to still contain some of the RPG elements BioWare is best known for, the game has been described first and foremost as an action title.

This is only the first teaser for Anthem, so we shouldn't expect to play it anytime soon. The game was recently delayed until EA's next financial year. In other words, we may not get our hands on it until April 2018 at the earliest, if not even later.

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