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Activate the bat-signal! Because, Batman Arkham Knight, the epic conclusion to Rocksteady's celebrated Arkham series and one of the few modern superhero games actually worth playing, is on sale for the bargain price of $10!

Holy Dance Moves Batman! Via
Holy Dance Moves Batman! Via

In Arkham Knight, players take control of the titular , as he tries to take down the Scarecrow. On his mission, Batman will encounter many of the franchise's most legendary enemies, shutting down their criminal networks one broken bone at a time with the help of his trusty Batmobile! Though in this game, it's less "Batmobile" and more "Bat-tank"β€”it's freakin' awesome!

I just feel bad for the repair guys who have to clean that up! Via
I just feel bad for the repair guys who have to clean that up! Via

The combat mechanics in the game are also fantastic, and players will certainly enjoy watching as the Dark Knight takes down his enemies with fluid brutality, punching faces, kicking kneecaps, and single handedly doubling the cost of health insurance in Gotham. Thanks Batman!

You can grab the same on sale over here at Amazon. Digital codes for the game itself are being sold for the heavily-discounted price of $10, but buyers can also pick up the premium edition (which comes with the season pass) for $18.

Will you be grabbing this discount for the Dark Knight's daring, action-packed adventure? Let us know in the comments below!

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