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Nintendo's newest property ARMS will be heading to the world of comics via Dark Horse comics in Fall 2018. According to Dark Horse the ARMS comics will be published in a series of graphic novels. No story details, or details on the creative team for the ARMS series were revealed, but the promo did feature art from artist Joe Ng.

[Credit: Joe Ng, Dark Horse]
[Credit: Joe Ng, Dark Horse]

ARMS is a fighting game made exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. You can use motion controls or a controller to take control of one of 12 characters. The game was praised for its unique characters and mechanics.

I'm hoping the comic expands on the lore, characters, and the world of ARMS. Currently all we know about the lore of ARMS weird tidbits comes from an interview from GameInformer with Masaaki Ishikawa, the game's art director:

"Some parts of this are still secret. I can’t really tell you everything, but what I can say is it’s not something that they can elect for – not something that you would get surgery for, to replace your arms. It’s possible that some characters have had this since birth and it’s also possible that, for some characters it just day, they woke and were different. So, there are actually, really several different possibilities that could be the cause for this. So, aside from Helix, all the other characters like Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, and Min Min – these are just regular people with extendable arms and not cyborgs or anything like that."

The ARMS Japanese Twitter account expanded on this further. Making the ARMS lore a little weirder but confirmed to us that 2% of world's population which is about 150 million people. Meaning 150 million people have the ARMS ability. It also confirmed the ARMS ability has been around for millennia.

It is said that the number of people who have the talent of extendable arms is increasing – currently, 2% of the world’s population have that ability. That is only the official number, though, and it is likely there are more people with the ability who haven’t been reported. As we learned the last time, this ability has been around in the world of ARMS for millennia, so it has mostly been seen as something ancient and rare, though lately people with the ARMS capability have become the subject of adoration, thanks to the increased spotlight they’re in thanks to the ARMS Grand-Prix.

Hopefully this comic expands on the weird world Nintendo has created. Who started these tournaments, and why? Why are these characters fighting in these tournaments? How does Twintelle fight with her hair? Even if we don't get answers, we might get a over-the-top action comic about characters fighting each other with unique powers. Because the fans of ARMS (like myself) deserve answers.

Twintelle drinking tea
Twintelle drinking tea

Will you be getting the ARMS comic? Who's your favorite ARMS character?


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