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Rumors abound as particularly perceptive ARMS dataminers find hints for potential new brawlers listed in the game's code. Players might expect a hero reveal or two by the end of this week.

User KoopaStarRoad first posted clues uncovered in the fighting game's subreddit, detonating combos of speculation and debate:

Adding these nine mystery strangers almost doubles the original roster size to a very respectable 20 heroes, allowing for more unique strategies and more colorful smackdowns.

Spring Man and Ribbon Girl [Credit: Nintendo]
Spring Man and Ribbon Girl [Credit: Nintendo]

So, What's In A Name?

'Chain' and 'Coil' sound very similar, and 'Chain' is a trait already integral to Ninjara's moves. All ARMS spiral from the shoulder outwards, and thus 'Coil' must refer to something specific that gives the contender an edge in the arena. Imagine a mad scientist with electromagnetic coils affording movement abilities that would turn Ribbon Girl green with envy, or the ability to magnetically pull evasive enemies toward them.

A nice contrast to the clockwork enforcers Byte and Barq could be a cyborg or a far more futuristic robotic character. Alternatively, we could subscribe totally to a stereotype for 'Robo' and suggest a physically weak, nerdy hero that wrote up visible lines of code (à la The Matrix) as a substitute for ARMS.

One would expect 'Plant' to draw its inspiration straight from the natural world, where the ARMS could be vines, roots, creeping ivy or daisy chains. However, it might not relate to an entirely new character but a new attribute, adding a floral set of special effects. Stinging nettles could disable one of the enemy's ARMS for a few crucial seconds, venus flytraps could pack a powerful snap, but my fingers are crossed for a Piranha Plant to make an appearance!

Min Min [Credit: Nintendo]
Min Min [Credit: Nintendo]

Another heavyset character like Master Mummy and Mechanica could be on the cards. A 'Sumo' is an opportunity to diversify the silhouettes of the roster and boost positive representation of larger heroes, as well as mix traditional wrestling into the competitive ARMS scene.

If 'Surprise' isn't a crafty dig at dataminers plumbing for reveals, it has also been suggested to be a jack-in-the-box style character. Their ARMS could charge up to pop out of the shoulder socket (in a presumably family-friendly manner) for high-powered hits that keep opponents guessing.

Min Min, of the prestigious Mintendo Noodle House, entered the ARMS League to promote her family restaurant's delicious homemade ramen (mainly by kicking butts and taking names). Could her unorthodox marketing strategies have inspired another to jump out of the frying pan and step into the ring? 'Sweet' may be a brawler who slings their fists forward with strawberry licorice laces, or taffy to stick opponents in their place.

'Twintale' is the most curious name on the list. It implies that Twintelle may literally be a twin, and that the one-of-a-kind boxing hairstyle technique might be shared or at the very least mimicked by her sibling. Surely anything is possible in a world where people wake up to their limbs that transformed into wiggly weaponized ARMS overnight.

Ninjara and Master Mummy [Credit: Nintendo]
Ninjara and Master Mummy [Credit: Nintendo]

Yet, another dataminer on Reddit was quick to point out that not all of the names have associated models with them, meaning that some are much closer to full implementation than others:

[Credit - Reddit]
[Credit - Reddit]

'Coil' and 'Sweet' appear to be definite additions to the cast given the recency of the model references, especially when considering the promise of extra news ahead of the update. This isn't to say that 20 fighters is an impossibility! ARMS is still a new challenger and arguably an instant classic in the fighting game genre. Nintendo certainly understands that all good things come to those who wait.

All drum-rolls and fanfare aside, Nintendo has gotten into hot water before regarding character announcements, with gamers expressing dismay at Twintelle's design and characterization, and not long ago the Gerudo of Breath of the Wild disappointing some trans and gender-nonconforming players. Time is an excellent teacher, even for game developer giants, and one would hope that valid criticisms from fans have been taken on-board and informed artistic directions.

With a new update rolling out later this week, the dedicated and excitable ARMS community clearly have much to look forward to.

Have your own idea about who these mystery ARMS heroes could be? Share with fellow fans by leaving a comment below!

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