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UPDATE 10/24/16: Added the full list of known rewards.

One of the biggest perks players looked forward to from the Pokémon Sun & Moon demo that went live yesterday was the ability to obtain and transfer an Ash-Greninja to the final version of the game once it's released. But it turns out there are actually other special rewards for playing through the demo — provided you log in on specific days.

Players who finished the main portion of the demo — that is, completing the trial and earning Ash-Greninja — may have noticed that certain villagers will tell you to come back after a set number of days. Turns out, they weren't just saying this for the heck of it.

You Need To Visit On The Right Days

If you come back on the days you're asked to, you'll receive rewards that can be transferred to the main game. It's important to note the calendar date will vary depending on when you downloaded the demo. For example, the first villager says to come "tomorrow" — he really means whatever "tomorrow" is for your version of the demo.

To test this, I downloaded the demo on an older 3DS system a day after downloading it on my primary 3DS. On the older system, I received the above message; on the newer system, the kind NPC gave me 10 Pretty Wings. Now, if you are reading this and realize you've already missed a day, there's always the option of deleting your save data and starting over; however, this means you may not be able to earn all the rewards before the game officially releases.

What Days Do I Need To Watch Out For?

So far, players have found the following time-frames to log in during:

  • 1 day after download (10/19) — talking to the man outside the Pokémon Center rewards 10 Pretty Wings.
  • 5 days after download (10/23) — talking to the woman in the hat at the bottom-left corner starts an event, but there are no specific rewards.
  • 12 days after download (10/30) — talking to the man with a Pikachu inside the City Hall rewards a Balm Mushroom.
  • 18 days after download (11/5) — talking to the policeman at the marina starts an event, but there are no specific rewards.
  • 24 days after download (11/11) — talking to the woman inside the Ferry Terminal rewards a Comet Shard.

The dates listed in parentheses are the dates you'll need to log in on assuming you downloaded the demo when it released on October 18th. Additionally, the coffee shop attendant mentions that the owner will be back "in a month," but this could just be a nod to the fact that one month after the demo went live is the date Sun & Moon officially release.

Plus, There Are A Few Item-Rewarding Events That Can Be Done At Any Point

Outside of the Ash-Greninja earned for completing the main part of the game, exploring and taking part in specific events after the demo's main story will reward a few items. These events, unlike the above, can be done at any point during the demo. The following events will reward the respective items for transfer to the main Sun & Moon games:

  • Challenging all the trainers on Ten Carat Hill rewards a Star Piece.
  • Catching three Pokémon in the "Catching Challenge" on Ten Carat Hill rewards a Nugget.
  • Talking to the women at the bottom-right corner of the city will start an event to clear out rocks with Tauros. Doing so rewards 3 Stardusts and an encounter with the totally-inconspicuous "mysterious old man."

We'll be sure to update this page as more rewards are revealed or if any more secrets are found!

In the meantime, what other secret rewards do you hope to see from the Sun & Moon demo?


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