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Assassin's Creed is a video game series with a rock solid premise: A team of rebels attempt to stop the evil reign of Abstergo Industries by looking to the past and assuming the roles of ancient, ancestral assassins. These assassins belong to a secret brotherhood with the sole mission of defending the world against the Templar Order, the evil society that would later become the founders of Abstergo themselves.

With a premise like that, there's literally an endless amount of stories you could tell throughout time, and many different ways you could tell those stories. The video games have already taken us to incredible locales in time periods such as the Third Crusade, 15th Century Italy, and the American Revolution, while the film gave us a tour of 15th Century Spain during the Granada War.

Now, a new Assassin's Creed story is being told through a different medium, in the form of an anime series. The series is being developed by Adi Shankar, who is also working on another anime adaption for Netflix based on . Not much is known about the Assassin's Creed anime, or when and where it will take. But while we wait for more details from Shankar, let's take a look at some of the exciting time periods this TV adaption could travel to.

Feudal Japan

Imagine an AC set in Feudal Japan
Imagine an AC set in Feudal Japan

This one is a no-brainer. Not only have fans been asking for an Assassin's Creed set in Japan since the very beginning, but it would make sense given the fact that anime is heavily rooted in Japanese culture.

Our titular assassin could start his creed during the Tokugawa period, and participate in the epic battle that resulted in the fall of Japan's former capitol, Edo. We could see the assassins take on ninjas, samurai, warlords and more. It's honestly surprising that Ubisoft has yet to explore this era, seeing as how it could work so well with the Assassin's Creed format.

The Wild West

If Feudal Japan didn't knock your socks off, maybe the "Wild, Wild West" will. The era is equally as exciting as ancient Japan, and fits just as well in the Assassin's Creed format. An AC with cowboys, six-shooters, ten gallon hats and train-robbing bandits would certainly attract viewers.

Some of the best anime in history have a healthy mix of Western culture in an Eastern culture invention (Cowboy Bebop and Trigun to name a few).

Medieval Times (Fantasy)

Let's face it, we all know that the real medieval times didn't feature dragons, ogres and the like. There may have been a few damsels in distress here and there, but the real medieval times were nowhere near as fantastical as fantasy medieval times.

Because of that, you would think that an Assassin's Creed set in the Medieval Era wouldn't be that interesting, seeing as how the games tend to have a more realistic feeling to them. However, as seen in games like Assassin's Creed 2 with the giant squid and more notably Assassin's Creed: Origins with the giant snake, the AC games do have a hidden sense of fantasy within them.

Of course, it is true that most of the original games did take place during the Middle Ages (mostly between the 12th and 15th centuries). But that doesn't mean the upcoming anime couldn't revisit that period and explore the mythical side of medieval times. I wouldn't mind seeing an assassin take on a fire-breathing dragon with nothing but his wits and his wrist blades.

The Hundred Years' War

Joan of Arc during the Hundred Years' War
Joan of Arc during the Hundred Years' War

One of the coolest aspects of the Assassin's Creed franchise is its connection to real world events, specifically through actual historic characters. Iconic figures in history such as Ben Franklin, Leonardo DaVinci, and Blackbeard have all appeared in AC games.

With that being said, it would certainly be interesting to see the anime adaptation take place during the Hundred Years' War between France and England, putting the assassin in contact with the historic figure Joan of Arc.

Joan is actually referenced in the Assassin's Creed timeline, as her sword is one of the fabled "Pieces of Eden" that the Assassins and Templars are constantly fighting over. It is revealed within the games that Joan wasn't actually burned at the stake as history contends, but instead she was saved by the brotherhood and trained in their ways. A series following Joan and her trainer would definitely be entertaining to watch.

The Future

Like I said, the Assassin's Creed games are known for traveling back in time, but what if the anime series took us forward instead? A futuristic or modern setting, centering on a technologically advanced team of Assassins taking on Abstergo would definitely offer something fresh and new.

We could see how the Assassin's have adapted to the age of tech, being introduced to awesome new weapons and upgrades on classic weapons like the iconic wrist blades. Assassins would jump across skyscrapers and use their newfound weaponry to bring the battle straight to Abstergo Industries. Plus, we'd finally get to see in more detail what the world is like after Desmond's sacrifice in Assassin's Creed III.

Are you excited for the Assassin's Creed anime series? What time period do you want to see it set in?


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