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For a while now, we've been thinking about what we'd like to see from the next Assassin's Creed game. The rumor mill has been hard at work since early last year as fans have tried to piece together information about the game's setting, leading many to believe that Assassin's Creed Empire will take place in Egypt. A recent screenshot leak has given these rumors new life.

Screenshot Leak May Confirm Rumors About Assassin's Creed Empire's Egyptian Location

On February 26, 2017, a now deleted Reddit account created a photo post over on r/Assassins_Creed titled "You know what this is?". What was the photo in question? See for yourself:

[Credit: Reddit]
[Credit: Reddit]

It's not quite the looker you were probably expecting and it's mysterious and fully anonymous source doesn't give us a ton of hope that this one is legitimate. Nevertheless, a NeoGAF thread has popped up and participants are picking apart every single detail available and they've come up with a few inferences so far.

  • The shield appears to be of Greek origin.
  • The text on the bottom-right corner cites Giza as the location.
  • Close up, the directional icon resembles a sarcophagus with insignia.
  • At first glance, this could be the side of a pyramid.

All signs point to Egypt but none of them really point to the Assassin's Creed franchise. What's up with that?

There's A Chance This May Be Another Game Entirely...

[Credit: VG247]
[Credit: VG247]

There has been further speculation about this being leaked content from the cancelled Osiris and not from Assassins Creed Empirethe similarities are certainly there.

The supposed Empire screenshot bears a striking resemblance to this one from Osiris in 2013:

[Credit: NeoGAF]
[Credit: NeoGAF]

The posture of this character and the surrounding environment carry an undeniably familiar vibe but, even so, it's easy to argue that Ubisoft may have cancelled this game in favor of saving the setting for its larger franchise.

Sadly, with so little to go on, it's nearly impossible to say one way or another. Maybe our benevolent anon will pop up again with more content soon. Leaks like this seem to be pretty standard for Ubisoft, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was more to come!

What do you think? Do you believe the hype?

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