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Astroneer is all about digging up resources, colonizing planets, moons and asteroids while growing your space settlement. You gather copper, resin and aluminium as you explore great caverns, always keeping a watchful eye out for your oxygen supply and incoming dust storms.

gameplay can be difficult to get into at first, but we've got some tips and tricks for beginners getting started in the space exploration sandbox. This Astroneer guide will show you how to use the infinite resources exploit, granting practically limitless access to resin, copper and aluminium, which are essential for building structures and expanding your base.

How To Get Infinite Resources In Astroneer

The more efficient your resource gathering is, the more time you got for exploring! [Credit: System Era Softworks]
The more efficient your resource gathering is, the more time you got for exploring! [Credit: System Era Softworks]

This method is possibly a glitch in the game and the developers might very well fix it in a future patch. They already made the process a bit slower, but the method is still the best and easiest way to get started in game. It allows you to focus on the more fun parts of Astroneer like exploring while the resources automatically accumulate until pickup.

All You Need Is Two Buildings

To get your infinite resource machine going, you need to play the game anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours, depending on how easy it is for you to find your first copper and aluminium supplies.

Here's what you have to do:

  • Research both the fuel condenser and trade platform buildings.
  • Gather the two copper and two aluminium needed for the buildings.
  • Build them, preferably near each other.
  • Make sure you have enough power to keep both buildings running.
  • Use the fuel condenser to create hydrazine, which looks like grape juice.
  • Load the hydrazine onto the trade platform and use its value to trade it for anything you else you need.

When Astroneer was just released the process of creating hydrazine through the fuel condenser took half the time, so it was insanely efficient, but now the process is slower. It's still worth it though, since it's free resources for the insignificant cost of time and power, which you should have in abundance.

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Expanding The Factory

A truly industrialized system. [Credit: System Era Softworks]
A truly industrialized system. [Credit: System Era Softworks]

As time progresses and your space settlement grows, you might want to grow the resource-creating capabilities of your fuel condenser and trade platform farm. If that's the case you should just build even more of those buildings and make sure you have the power to support the new buildings.

How to do it:

  • Expand your network of fuel condensers.
  • Make sure to build them in a way which makes it efficient for you to load and gather resources from the buildings.
  • The end goal is to build enough fuel condensers to be able to fill a rocket-load from the trade platform every cycle.
  • Enjoy as you've truly industrialized your new planet or asteroid.

Do you have any tips to making the pioneering experience of Astroneer easier?

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