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Attack on Titan was recently released in the west since being released in Japan back in February and it had an overwhelming response from anime fans, while gaining new fans who never really watched the anime - such as myself. Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime at the moment and while everyone is waiting for the new season, the game came at a perfect time. It's currently been released on multiple platforms such as Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PC (Steam) and PS Vita.

The storyline follows exactly same route as the anime, mostly focusing on the highlights and key moments. The game showcases a 3D design of the characters and offers an open world for the player to explore while killing titans and resupplying the equipment.

One of the strongest features of this game is the gameplay itself since the characters use an omnidirectional mobility (ODM) gear to move around the map quicker. The way this ODM gear moves the character is definitely similar to Spider-man's swinging controls, it's not exactly complicated and it's quite fun, but it's also not perfect.

For example, if your character is on the ground, it takes few tries to be attached to one of the buildings using the the ODM gear and pull yourself up to go above the buildings. In some cases, having the buildings so close to each other would make it seem like the character is stuck between them. Without the camera being able to focus on the character, this can get frustrating at times because a titan can be in the same area and it would take a while to regain controls of both the character and the camera.

Since the game is adapted from the anime, the story as well as the character voices are faithful to the anime. The scenes are definitely immersive and takes many emotional turns, which I can assume are taken from the anime. The game can be categorized in the action RPG genre, but leans more towards the action part. There's no English dialogue as it features purely Japanese voices taken from the anime with English subtitles (which I know some of Anime fans would prefer over the dub).

Overall, scene by scene and with the same voice actors, Attack on Titan is definitely faithful to the anime series. Not every anime would be suitable to have a videogame adaptation, but Attack on Titan is an exception for sure.

Have you played this game yet? If you watched the Anime, how would you rate the game?


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