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One man indie game studio, currently developing #LifeOdyssey - Location-AR JRPG for iPhone.
Corgi Punk

Life Odyssey is an augmented reality story-driven RPG in development for iPhone blending elements of games like Pokemon Go and Final Fantasy.

You play as a lone adventurer waking to an unfamiliar world with a talking dragon companion. It's up to you to uncover the source of the magic portals that brought you two together and find a way home.

Gameplay involves going to geographical points of interest to acquire portal gems, walking to release portals, monster hunting in augmented reality with your iPhone’s camera, progressing through story quests, and powering up with new gear and skills.


Life Odyssey brings the classic experience of console JRPGs to mobile, blending the best elements of the genre with the unique features of mobile devices to evolve & elevate the genre for a new platform.


  • LEVEL UP YOUR LIFE as pedometer and location tracking reward you in-game for your real life activities.
  • MEET UP with other players in real life to get rewarded together.
  • HUNT for monsters in augmented reality by powering portal gems with your step count.
  • CUSTOMIZE your avatar’s jobs and skills to battle with many playstyle strategies.
  • FEED your animal companion what it craves to unlock its full potential.
  • CHOOSE WISELY as every dialogue choice has consequences, and there are many choices to be made.

Want to know more? Want to be involved in the beta? Head over to the game page on Playsource and start chatting to the devs!


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