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Damn black market games ruining it for the rest of us!

The perceptible individuals at Australia’s Channel 7 News recently got wind of a version of GTA V that's not only a purveyor of sketchy ideals but is, by its very nature, sketchy. The version in question replaces the fictional Los Santos police force with that of the New South Wales one in remarkable detail.

Disturbing footage of the in-game officers, adorned in their classic light blue tones of justice, sees them "crashing cars, shooting suspects and getting run over." The Channel 7 newscaster wished to stress the disturbing nature of the footage by concluding, "What happens next? Too disturbing to show." Disturbing.

"Black Market Version" Of 'GTA V' Sees New South Wales Officers Running Riot

In the video below, you can see how Channel 7 uncovered the “underground computer geeks [who] have written New South Wales police" into the code of . Impressive, computer geeks. Most impressive.

As you can see, the mod in question... wait a minute. This is just a mod. It's just a mod for GTA V that gives the officers a new skin. In fact, I just found the link for the mod! And here some screenshots of the mod!

LSPDFR Mod [Credit: Rockstar]
LSPDFR Mod [Credit: Rockstar]

There's one!

LSPDFR Mod [Credit: Rockstar]
LSPDFR Mod [Credit: Rockstar]

And another!

LSPDFR Mod [Credit: Rockstar]
LSPDFR Mod [Credit: Rockstar]

And one more for good measure!

The newscaster went on to say that, although Australian shops ensure games like have age restrictions, “the online world is virtually lawless.” Lawless, I tell ya! It's a land full of mods that turn the innocent Thomas the Tank Engine into a fire-breathing dragon, even precious Disney has been tainted by these underground f***s!

Channel 7 continued along this vein, proclaiming that the New South Wales police plan to “take action against the designers” (vague), finally calling in a panel to discuss the heinous hack:

Some quotes from the heated debate:

  • "There's anger this morning over a black market version of the popular video game, Grand Theft Auto."
  • "Look at this, it looks quite real!"
  • "I actually didn't know that Grand Theft Auto was still on the market, it's pretty violent itself, but this is a terrible hack."
  • "Grand Theft Auto generation is responsible for 8% increases in youth violence year on year."
  • "What we're seeing is a generation of kids who are socially isolated. They're playing these games for 10... 10, 15 hours a day. And what they see is—there's no reset button on reality."
  • "Get 'em off these games!"

There you have it, folks. Your whole Grand Theft Auto generation can go and stuff it as far as this lot is concerned. After all, Channel 7's peddling of fear and video game stigmatism is for all our benefits. I think Helen Lovejoy said it best when she wailed:


As for the insatiable geeks among you that can't get enough of the violence in , here are some clips of Nazis being torn apart by bullets in Sniper Elite 3. Or is it not okay for games to do that either?


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