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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

It was always going to happen. Give people access to unprecedented technology and they will find new and clever ways to do incredibly dumb things with it.

PlayStation VR is upon us, its early adopters busy putting the hardware through its paces. And by putting it through its paces, I mean harassing Bruce Wayne's loyal butler to no end.

Batman: Arkham VR lets virtual reality users become the Batman, but it also lets you do all kinds of messed up things to Alfred, which turns out to be as hilarious as you'd expect.

Hey Alfred, remember my parents?!

You like music right?

You got a little something on your face

Shhhhhh... just let it happen.

Whether or not PlayStation VR is capable of facilitating fantasies beyond stroking Alfred's face still remains to be seen.

PlayStation VR is due out on October 13 in North America.


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