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The Arkham games are riddled with easter eggs for those willing to find them. Batman fans have been treated to obscure villains, numerous comic book references and hints pertaining to the future of Rocksteady's franchise, from Arkham Asylum to Arkham Knight.

But while we thought Rocksteady was done with giving us the chance to be the bat, they were in fact building up to the reveal of a virtual reality experience that'd bring us closer to the dark knight than ever before—and it's a ton of fun.

However, it seems that the hints for Batman: Arkham VR were right in front of us for a whole year. We just couldn't understand them.

The Massive Batman: Arkham VR Easter Egg Hidden In Batman: Arkham Knight

This isn't the first time Rocksteady has hinted at future projects. In Batman: Arkham Asylum, players were able to locate a secret room that a had a ton of cool things tucked away inside. But the most interesting feature of this location was what Rocksteady had attached to the wall.

These here are blueprints for Gotham City, or what what later become the location for Arkham City. The developers cheekily slapped an "Approved" stamp onto the map as if to notify players that a sequel had already been commissioned.

Of course, it seemed like nothing to a lot of us at the time, hence why hindsight is such a beautiful thing. But the easter egg in Batman: Arkham Knight is remarkably similar.

Brought to everyone's attention by a keen-eyed redditor, this previously uncovered easter egg—patched into the game via some DLC in January of this year—suddenly made sense following the release of Arkham VR earlier this month for PlayStation VR.

In order to make sense of this easter egg, I'll have to reference a lot of spoilers, m'kay?

The board above outlines the overall plot for the virtual reality experience, though thankfully leaves out the game's wonderful mysteries. The board does, however, outline the overall stakes. It states that there's been a murder, that Batman will question whether the victim knew his killer, there are references to the Penguin and both 'bodies in the morgue' and 'shrapnel' are underlined.

If you're interested in seeing how the wall itself was uncovered, check out the video below. It details where you can find the piano that Batman has to play in order to reveal the map tucked behind some wooden panelling.

Fans were completely baffled by the wall's obscure comments, though thankfully the veil has been lifted and we all feel a little wiser now. But finally understanding this easter egg has led a lot of us to ask the question...

Are Their Hints At Future Rocksteady Games In Batman: Arkham VR?

With no word on what lies ahead for this remarkable developer, fans are beginning to wonder whether Rocksteady have left clues behind for us to find. There were plenty of references to Superman and Lex Luthor in Arkham Knight, therefore, could Rocksteady be working on another DC Comics superhero game?

Are there more secrets to uncover in Batman: Arkham VR? It's quite possible. And the idea of seeing Superman get the Batman: Arkham treatment is certainly something worth freaking out over.

But who knows? Rocksteady is one crafty developer!

What do you think lies ahead for Rocksteady?


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