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The Battlefield 1 open beta is in full swing. Players across Xbox One, PS4 and PC have been annihilating one another WW1 style for the whole weekend, with plans to continue later into the week. But while I've been busy failing as a sniper and insulting the very heavens with my attempts at piloting a plane, others have been showing off some serious skills. In order to highlight the delights of Battlefield 1 and the talented bunch amongst the gaming community, we thought we'd throw a few gifs together. You down with that? I'm down with that.

Battlefield 1 In Glorious Gif Form

Just give him his license

The guy in the back was probably all like, "WHHHHAAAAAGGGGHGHHGHHG!"

And the medal goes to...

This majestic AF horse.

"Hmm, I wonder what's outside...


Wait for it, wait for iiiiit

Ha ha! Got eem.

Cheers, love!

The cavalry is here!

"Can I get a lift?"

"Sure thing, bro!"

"Let me just say...

Dat ass is fine."

Bye, bye, horse


Never bring a sword to a gunfight

Or do...

Enemy pilot: "I regret everything"

"Accident." Yeah right, Battlefield.

Did that horse just...?

It did... right through that window.

WWI armor was strong, people

Like... really strong.

"Can you leave me alone please?"


"How strong is your artill...


Just HOLD still!

Ah screw it, have a grenade.

"Call the munitions manufacturer...

I want to have a word with them."

He was a brave man

And he racked up a shed ton of kills.

With this all wrapped up, we'd love to know what you make of Battlefield 1 and its plethora of ways to get yourself killed.

Is the return to old school warfare exactly what we needed?


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