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Remember that time we published an innocent article about using Battlefield 1's new Airship L30 Zeppelin to wreak havoc upon your enemies? Back when things were simple, clean, and zeppelins didn't turn into swirling vortexes of inferno-like flames intent on incinerating anyone and everything in its path?

Yeah, a lot's happened since then.

Meet the "Blimpnado," the newest, flashiest, and quite possibly most sensational glitch to come out of Battlefield 1 thus far. Seems those hydrogen-filled death balloons don't wanna go down quietly...

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Night of the Blimpnados: Battlefield 1's Tornadic Zeppelin Glitch Makes for Some Pretty Hilarious Visuals

If you thought Into the Storm was intense, you'll get blown away by this newest, twister-sensation! The zeppelins in Battlefield 1 are already pretty spectacular once they're destroyed—the way their envelopes slowly disintegrate into red and white hot flames as the explosion overtakes their bulbous bodies is truly a sight to behold. But what should happen if a plane should accidentally fly into all that flaming destruction as it's falling?

Someone call Chubby Checker, because it's time to do the twist!

The mammoth behemoths that are the Airship L30s start freaking out! Twisting erratically like some sort of violent supercell, they send out pyres of flame and explosions before falling to the ground with a sickening thud.

And woe to anyone who should be standing below it...

Not only is it a jaw-dropping fantasia of light and sound, it seems these glowing orange phalluses can even appear out of nowhere—popping up from the already smoldering remains of a downed zeppelin as though wanting one last chance to prove they've still got what it takes.

I've gotta hand it to them—they're resilient little fellas!

The fiery, twisting nightmares aren't the only glitch in Battlefield 1. Hell, they're not even the only airship glitch! Other players have already reported falling through the zeppelin itself, dying immediately upon spawning in the driver's seat, and magically floating beneath the zeppelin even after having their gondola destroyed right out from beneath them.

But those glitches pale in the face of the Blimpnado. This unprecedented anomaly of swirly, twirly World War I mayhem is both a frightening and fascinating metaphor for the violently changing climate of a world at war.

One day, you're sitting at home sipping your Darjeeling after a hard day's work. The next, Archduke Franz Ferdinand is getting himself assassinated and you're being plunged into one of the bloodiest wars known to mankind!

So, too, does the Blimpnado rise to greatness on the battlefield, like an unexpected—and fierce—erection brought on by watching The Great British Bake Off.

Will this glitch be fixed? Nobody knows. Truly, it is entertainment rivaling even the most popular reality television, but considering it can also result in swift, unjustified death, it could begin to invoke rage and tantrums in Battlefield-proficient ten-year-olds.

My guess is that EA will rush to fix this now that it's been made known, which is why we'll need to document this phenomenon to its fullest before it's allowed to fade into the annals of history.

What's your favorite Battlefield 1 glitch so far? Do you think the Blimpnado glitch should be fixed?

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