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By now we're all recovered from the Battlefield 1 Open Beta period – it was amazing, it was crazy, and it was by far one of the best multiplayer experiences in recent years. If you're one of the 13.2 million players that took part in it, you already know what to expect, and you know the level of detail to the game has been immaculate up to this point.

Even with the approach that EA and D.I.C.E. have taken to it, many may be shocked to learn that the single player story campaign is set to span across 5 different "War Stories" as the development team at DICE calls them. But there's a few things you need to know about them.

'Battlefield 1's Single Player "War Stories" Are Probably Like 'Gears of War's Chapters

Players shouldn't be distraught by the news of having only 5 single player chapters ("War Stories"). If you recall, Gears of War took this approach as well by making each chapter rather long due to the game having multiple sections in each chapter, creating a rather lengthy campaign for fans to enjoy.

These War Stories that Battlefield 1 will have in its campaign will likely be something along the same lines – at least, DICE would be smart to do this. The game will be taking on five different war theaters across WW1's battlescape.

What missions should you expect? Take a look at what DICE has just announced:

  • Friends in High Places will feature aerial combat in Europe between German and British Forces. So be prepared to show if you can take on the Red Baron himself. Assuming he shows up.
  • Nothing Is Written will be set in the Arabian peninsula. Here the Arabic's have begun to rise against the oppression of the Ottoman Empire. (Lawrence of Arabia anyone?)
  • Through Mud and Blood will be set in France during the height of the use of Trench Warfare, so prepare your flame throwers, gas canisters, and gas masks. You'll want them.
  • Avanti Savoia will take place in the alps while the Italians and the Austro-Hungarian Empire begun to battle it out. If anything, this may make you want to queue your Imperial March playlists.
  • The Runner features the Gallipoli Landings, which will allow players to take on one of the most powerful fights of all of World War 1. Oh, also this is considered to be the "D-Day" of the first Great War.

While all this sounds like it will be short, I'm pretty sure it's safe to safe that Battlefield 1's War Stories will take a few days if not weeks to complete due to the sheer size of each battlefield.

Battlefield 1 Will Continue the Multiplayer Focus of the Series

Courtesy of EA and DICE
Courtesy of EA and DICE

If you've played any Battlefield game, you already know that single player has always been the franchise focus. With the ever growing demand for more realistic physics, Battlefield has always brought that to the forefront, and hasn't failed doing so even now. With the beta showing us the sheer size of one of the first maps to be previewed to the public, we know we're going to be in for the long haul and this one will ensure that we are busy for years to come.

With Battlefield 1's premium having already been announced, we already know there will be quite a bit more coming tot his game, and there are endless possibilities available for this game. Who doesn't want to play across a very war torn Europe Battlefield 1? We'll see multiple theaters that are readily available for us all to experience in a never-before-seen way.

The 'Battlefield 1' Story Mode Could be Astounding

While many of us are still locked in on what we know about the game and the words "short campaign" don't let those words deceive you. If DICE h as proved anything, it's that their campaigns aren't short, and they will take quite a bit of time for fans to enjoy. If you are wanting to get the full experience, your best bet is to play the game as intended, and enjoy its cinematic moments.

If Star Wars: Battlefront has proven anything to us, it's that DICE knows how to keep us coming back for more, and that hasn't changed with the Death Star DLC that has caused fans to enjoy the battles more than once over the spawn of only a few days.


Battlefield 1's single player War Stories will take place in five different theaters of war, which one are you most excited about?


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