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That's right. In case you missed it, Star Wars: The Last Jedi's first official trailer just premiered earlier today. Before you continue reading, please go take a look, because it's absolutely amazing.

Read all about it here:

Much like The Empire Strikes Back, the latest addition to the Star Wars film franchise looks epic. Expect some major character development, and much, much more screen time for everyone's favorite Jedi — Luke.

But if you're a huge Battlefront fan, you're probably wondering what this means for EA's upcoming Battlefront II, due later this year. Good question. Here's what we can gather, thanks to both the trailer and a ton of previously leaked content.

The Last Jedi Characters Will Be Playable Heroes

Star Wars: Battlefront [Credit: EA]
Star Wars: Battlefront [Credit: EA]

This seems like an obvious one, but it's worth repeating: with The Last Jedi focused on Rey's character growth as she learns to use the Force, Battlefront II also plans to focus heavily on the new film franchise's heroes. Expect a revamped and improved hero system, along with a whole slew of characters to play with.

Why? Well, pre-orders get access to the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Heroes content pack, which hints that players will be able to get access to the film's main characters as heroes from the start. Rey, Kylo Ren, Finn, and Poe are included in the trailer, so it seems highly likely that both of these characters will be playable.

Space Battles Are Likely Going to Play a Major Role

There's a couple reasons why space and air battles are going to be a huge part of the upcoming Battlefront II game. If you remember the original The Force Awakens, dogfighting between X-Wings and Tie Fighters largely happened underneath planet atmospheres, and conventional space battles weren't quite as common. That was averted in the Last Jedi trailer, which showed some classic Star Wars space warfare. Yum.

But it's also something to expect for Battlefront II. Why? EA took space battles very seriously after the original Battlefront was released, later developing both the Death Star DLC as well as the X-Wing VR mission. The Death Star DLC, part of the Battle Station game mode, was very popular -- and very well received. It seems like EA will be pushing out some more space battles as fans get hyped for both more Death Star-like content, and more The Last Jedi material.

Battlefront 2 Will Likely Focus on the Crazy Battles From the New Trilogy

Star Wars: The Last Jedi [Credit: Disney]
Star Wars: The Last Jedi [Credit: Disney]

EA previously confirmed that Battlefront II would feature content across the Star Wars film franchise, including the latest Disney films. But don't expect The Last Jedi to spend too much time focusing on just Rey and Luke. In one scene, we can see Finn prepping to fly into battle. In another, Poe Dameron watches a devastating attack on an X-Wing fleet sitting in the hangars. Big set pieces, lots of fights, and plenty of opportunities to combat the First Order in both the air and land feature

That's what we like to see. And it's something EA will definitely focus on, seeing how the original Battlefront had a Battle of Jakku DLC to promote the new movie. Expect set pieces throughout the new movie, DLC opportunities to play through scenes from the new film, and the ability to shoot, fly, and fight through some of the most iconic scenes in The Last Jedi.

Expect More Hero Vehicles!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi [Credit: Disney]
Star Wars: The Last Jedi [Credit: Disney]

Remember seeing that scene in the trailer? The Millennium Falcon featured in the original Battlefront as a Hero Vehicle, and it's very likely we'll have an opportunity to fly the Millennium Falcon in the upcoming Battlefront II with its new pilot. We're excited to see her in action again.

But keep in mind, if the new game is focusing on the new trilogy, we're looking at three new pilots in the Disney era: Finn, Poe, and Rey. All three of them know how to fly, and all three of them fight pretty well.

Plus, it's not unlikely that we'll see new pilots included from last year's Rogue One.

It's very likely we'll continue to see them in action in the skies, and it's likely we'll be able to play as one of them as Hero Vehicles. We're excited, and we can't wait to see it in action.

Did you pick up any more Battlefront II hints from the new The Last Jedi trailer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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