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Jeffrey Ryan Porter

Watch Dogs 2 is an open-world action-adventure video game developed by and hotly anticipated by fans for months. You play the savior of San Francisco, protecting people from corrupt corporations, able to hack into any connected device or anyone's personal profile. You can control cranes, drones, cars and even robots! You have the power of manipulation to achieve your goals and save the city.

Play as Marcus Holloway, a brilliant hacker in the Bay Area, the hub of the technological revolution. But Marcus is not alone. Team up with the notorious hacking group and explore the immense open world to your heart's content, discovering hidden secrets about ctOS 2.0, an operating system that has been implemented in many cities to make a safer community. You will confront the corrupt companies that are using the system as a way to spy on and manipulate citizens for their own personal gain.

You can achieve your missions suitable to your playing style. Be stealthy and hack through devices to defeat your enemies without ever killing another human, or if that's not quite your style, you could use the skills you develop to weaponize and take a more aggressive stance against your hidden foes.

The Bay Area is open to the explorer within you. Get out there and save the city! If you're yet to play , get to your nearest game store and pick up a copy, stat! More of a digital gamer? Purchase and download from the Ubisoft online store or your console's online marketplace.

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