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Many of you NBA 2K17 fans have seen that the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors team is stacked! On top of their already offense-heavy 2015-16 roster with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green they added former and scoring machine Kevin Durant.

Because the have now become so loaded, people are saying that using them against other people is like like using a cheat code. What people don't realize is that there are more than a few teams you can use against the Warriors that will even things up.

1995-96 Chicago Bulls

If you're going to start a list like this, you start with the best. The team that won over seventy games and won the championship that same year. The team with the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan. What can't he do? He shoots the three, his mid-range jump shots are amazing, he posts, blocks shots, steals, plays defense, and of course he will dunk on you.

Scottie Pippen is known as one of the NBA's greatest defenders and can score, handle the ball and pass like a point guard. Dennis Rodman defends and gobbles up every rebound. Toni Kukoc can shoot from anywhere. And everyone else on the roster plays phenomenal defense. A great place to start.

Weakness: Their bench can't score all that well. But since Jordan rarely needs to rest, I think you'll be okay.

2004-05 Phoenix Suns

If you are a person that likes to run up and down the court and shoot threes and throw alley-oops, this is the team for you. What you have here is a Suns team that rivals the Warriors in the ability to run and shoot the three. Steve Nash, Joe Johnson, and in some cases Shawn Marion are all three point threats. Not only that, Nash handles the ball better than Steph Curry does and passes the ball just as well. You can also match up Amare Staudmire against Draymond Green with Staudamire's height and athletic advantage. Rounding off the bench you have Quentin Richardson who can hit from almost anywhere on the court.

Weakness: The only flaw is that this team was not known for its defense. So what you gain in the ability to match the Warriors shot for shot, you lose in defense. But if you're a player that likes to play offense more than defense, this is the right pick for you.

1992-93 Charlotte Hornets

There might not be a more balanced team in on the NBA 2K roster. Larry Johnson gives you rebounding, scoring from three, two, and dunks. Alonzo Mourning gets you shot blocking, rebounding, and scoring from mid-range, the post, and under the basket, while Kendall Gill defends two positions and shoots the three. Mugsy Bogues defends the point guard position and passes well, and you have Steph's dad Dell Curry who was dangerous from three before his son was even born. The Hornets have an amazing team and a very well rounded squad.

Weakness: Their bench is pretty bad. If you don't jump out to an early lead you run the risk of falling behind early. The team defends well so you can maintain a lead or keep them at bay long enough to get L.J. and Zo back in the game.

2005-06 Miami Heat

Like the Charlotte , this is a very balanced team. You have an unstoppable Dwayne Wade when he was arguably better than Lebron James. Shaquille O'Neal who may not have been as good as his days but still dominant in the post, a strong rebounder, and great shot blocker. Antoine Walker who is a three point threat and at six feet, nine inches handles the ball better than some point guards. Rounding it off we have great shooters like Jason Williams (great ball handler and passer) and James Posey (who also plays great man to man defense) who could light you up from three. This is a team that can drive to the lane and play the inside game and get the Warriors in foul trouble.

Weakness: They are more defense, inside scoring, and rebound heavy than outside threats. Sure, they have guys that can hit the three, but it's nothing like the Warriors.

1990-91 Golden State Warriors

These are not video game numbers. These aree the real deal
These are not video game numbers. These aree the real deal

You want a team that can match the current Golden State Warriors team three pointer for three pointer or just shot for shot? Here's good news for you. Look no further than Golden State 25 years prior with their trio "Run TMC" (Tim, Mitch, and Chris). Tim Hardaway is one of the best ball handlers the league has ever seen and can shoot off the dribble. Mitch Richmond not only shoots the three great, he's also an even better mid-range shooter on this game. Last, but certainly not least, Chris Mullin is a left handed small forward you can't leave even for a second. These three guys alone could get you one hundred points in this video game. Which is great because they have one glaring weakness.

Weakness: Other than Run TMC, there isn't any real threat. Sure there's Lister who can score in the paint and a couple of other guys and they might all combine for twenty. I suggest maybe putting one of your main scorers on the bench to help with the scoring load when the starters are out.

2007-08 Boston Celtics

As a Bostonian and long time fan this team holds a special place in my heart. Paul Pierce defends three positions, posts, shoots from everywhere, and is especially great in the last few minutes (clutch badge on the game). He would be great defending Klay Thompson. Kevin Garnett is an amazing rebounder and mid-range shooter. He also blocks shots and is a great match up against Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and any center the Warriors have. Ray Allen shoots off the dribble and hits wide open shots as good if not better than anyone not named Steph Curry. And this is the Rajon Rondo that was top ten in steals, rebounds better than some big men, and hits people with perfect passes. Even when you are down, you are never out with this team.

Weakness: They're a bit small defensively. Sure KG, Pierce, and Kendrick Perkins will defend down low, but everyone else is in danger of getting scored on down low.

2013 Miami Heat

If you're younger and don't remember the teams I just mentioned, there is always the familiarity of picking the Three Kings of the Miami Heat. The might be the team that matches up the best with the Warriors starting five. You have Chris Bosh at the center running havoc on whatever center or power forward they throw at him. Lebron James who can defend any position the Warriors have and score on them. D. Wade who can score on anyone and defend. Mario Chalmers defending and hitting threes.

Then, when it's time to rest a few players, you have Mike Miller and Rashard Lewis coming hitting threes. There's also this guy named Ray Allen who has been hitting big shots from all over the court for years coming off the bench as well. If there is one team I had to recommend immediately, I'd have to go with this Heat team.

Weakness: Lebron is only an okay mid-range shooter and post player, Wade can't shoot threes, and Chris Anderson can only rebound and dunk. Those are their only weaknesses.

When a player goes and picks the Warriors this year, don't quit before the game starts. Go right back at them and pick one of the classic teams and beat them so bad they rage quit.

What team's are using this year? Let me know in the comments below.


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