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Have you ever played The Witcher action-fantasy RPG and wished you too could be a monster slayer? For most, that compulsion died on the couch, but for others their aspiration of high adventure is now possible, thanks to this real-life Witcher School.

Let The Training Begin

The is held several times throughout the year at Grodziec and Moszna castles in Poland and run by 5 Żywiołów Agencja. The training is carried out over three days through a series of live-action role-playing games (LARP) that immerse you into the world of a Witcher.

Over the course of the training you live and learn the skills of a monster hunter, just like in the game. And there is something for every fantasy enthusiast:

  • Spells and Potions
  • Survival Skills
  • Sword Fighting
  • Archery
  • Games and Culture
  • Mysteries and Monster Fighting
  • Herbalism and Meditation
Credit: 5 Żywiołów
Credit: 5 Żywiołów

The instructors remain in costume and character over the course of the LARP to instill as much realism as possible. Everything about the experience, from the amazing castle backdrop, to the food, props, weapons and clothing, have been designed to completely immerse you in the world created by Andrzej Sapkowski.

The role-playing mysteries and adventures are what infuse the experience with a sense of realism, taking you on a journey far removed from the everyday grind. But for those of you hoping for unicorns or dragons, unfortunately no. Those specific fixations will need to be satisfied elsewhere, with no animal harmed in the making of this school.

Credit: 5 Żywiołów
Credit: 5 Żywiołów

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Witcher?

Similar to Westworld, the Witcher School is a destination designed to drench the participant in a fairytale of exciting possibilities.

But before you dive down the rabbit hole, remember, these LARPs are not for everyone. As much as you want it to be real, swordplay and leatherwork are not going to be everyone's cup of tea.

For those who love the fantasy world of the Witcher and, more importantly, a liberal dose of questionable hygiene, the Witcher School should be your next holiday destination.

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