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If you've been holding out for an Overwatch price drop, or haven't been able to afford Blizzard's fantastic FPS, you're in luck.

announced today that they have a free-to-play weekend coming up starting November 18 and lasting all weekend until November 21. The time lock will be the same for all regions globally as part of a special event.

Look up your local region to find when the event begins
Look up your local region to find when the event begins

The Overwatch world is still reeling from the unveil that happened during , and are anxious to play her now that she's been made available on the game's Public Test Realm (PTR).

Unfortunately, from all indications, Sombra won't be available to play during the free-to-play weekend, but you can still play any of Overwatch's other heroes, maps, and game modes. You can also level an account and open loot boxes.

If Overwatch wins you over and you decide to purchase the game at the end of the weekend, make sure you use your same, Xbox Live, or Sony Entertainment account when you buy the full game on Monday.

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