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Now Loading's sentimental Irishman. I can't stop playing Overwatch, please send help.
Ken McDonnell

Let me preface by saying I cannot, for the life of me, make anything even halfway decent in Besiege. I've tried a few catapult systems, flying machines and animal replicas, much to my dismay. But the sense of joy derived from accomplishing the destruction of Besiege's castle walls or sheep is too good to deny. This game is cheap, clever, gorgeous, entertaining and educational (physics, bitch).

But you know the way some players are just better than you at stuff? Like how they can snipe you from a distance that doesn't make sense? Or how they can make you feel like you should just stop playing Overwatch already? Well, that kinda happens with Besiege. But rather than feeling embarrassed or critiquing my failed attempts at breaking down knee-high walls, all I can do is stare in wonder and awe at the creations that players have concocted. You must see them. They are the stuff of legend. *wipes tear*

Besiege Creations To Inspire Us All

The Carpet Bomber

I'm genuinely moved.

The "I Hate Sheep" Machine

The dedication required to create such a monstrosity is... endearing.

Hello! Is It Me You're Burning For?

Man... I honestly can't stop setting myself on fire. Never mind this sh&%.

360 Degrees No Scope

How this contraption works is beyond me. Do you think this guy would charge for lessons?

Why Use a Bomb When You Have A Cannon?

Physics makes me happy.

Derpy Optimus Prime Is Still Lethal

He looks like he's in pain, but then he starts dancing and it's all like, "Awwww yeah!"

Who Needs Ammo Anyway?

Imagine growing up, getting yourself a wife, having a few kids,coming to work one day and then some lad uses your corpse like this. I'd be very upset.

Religion Is My Power

Those are some springy crosses, man.

The Ultimate Useless Machine

Not as useless as my skills with this game, though! Ha... ha.

What Can You Even Call This?

The three guys that survived this machine are all like, "Noooooooope."

This Is Getting Ridiculous

Oh come on!!! HOW???! HOOOOOOWWWW?!

Me All Over

At least I got the job done, guys!

Wall-E and the Wickerman

A heartfelt tale of... nah, it's just depressing.

They Made An Actual Dragon...

I want it. Even as a pet, I want it.

A Functioning Military Grade Weapon

In Besiege...

This Is Some Studio Ghibli Sh&%

Howl's Detachable Castle.

Yeah... But How, Though?

I can't even get out of bed on time!!!!!

Better Than Most Action Films

The tension. The splosion. The sequel?

Besiege Is Pirates

Get out that Ride of the Valkyries music!

"I Love You!"

"Well, please stop!"

Look At The Little Guy GOOOO

Those little legs, man. Adorable.

That's A Lot Of Spikes...

Oh, you don't need them.

Got any Besiege creations you'd like to share?


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