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It's hard out there for ADC mains. In 2017, several prominent professional ADCs players have declared that the end is nigh for marksmen in bot lane. It's true that a number of traditional ADC champions are struggling, maybe even worse than normally, but that doesn't mean all hope is lost. There are still a number of great options for you to take to the bot lane.

5. Ziggs


  • Strong laning phase
  • Extremely long range
  • Above average utility


  • AP based
  • Very squishy
  • Bad dueling power

Okay, okay. You're right, Ziggs is not an AD Carry by strictest definition of the word, and seeing him on this list might elicit a grown from League purists. But Ziggs is strong auto-attacking bot-lane champion who has dominated the 2v2 meta in 2017. Ziggs succeeds as a bot laner because of his long-ranged harass in lane phase from his Bouncing Bomb (Q) and strong auto attacks from his Short Fuse (Passive). Enemy bot laners are hard pressed to return fire against him because of the artillery-like range of both.

But of course the weaknesses of bot lane Ziggs remains the same as when he was a mid lane staple: he is horrid in 1v1 situations and is very squishy. While 1v1 doesn't come up a lot in the early laning phase, eventually his play pattern falls more in line with a mid laner which leads to some compositional confusion. Since Ziggs is busy spamming minion waves and lobbing bombs into the frontline, do you need a traditional marksman in the jungle or top lane? There's also the matter of him being an Ability Power champion and requiring a heavy amount of Attack Damage coming from the rest of his team comp.

TL;DR: Ziggs complicates team compositions while providing bot lane dominance. It can be a good tradeoff, but only with coordination from the rest of the team. And teammates not thinking you're a troll.

4. Lucian


  • Very strong dueling power
  • Good laning phase
  • Extremely high mobility


  • Very short range
  • Mana dependent
  • Weak late game

Lucian has a new lease on life since he had a few tweaks to his animations to smooth out his transitions from spells to attacks. As a result, Lucian has become a powerhouse, with almost unparalleled mobility from his Relentless Pursuit (E), and great dueling power. His Piercing Light (Q) combined with his Lightslinger (Passive) makes him a great lane bully as well. Because his laning is so strong, he's often able to snowball an advantage into the mid game, and this is where he can truly get out of hand as he weaves his spells and auto attacks into a barrage of damage.

There are a few issues with Lucian's kit that keep him in check. Even though his spell casting gives him great damage and mobility, spamming spells takes a lot of mana, and he isn't able to sustain a ton of casting for very long, lest he run out of mana and become vulnerable. While Lucian is extremely strong in mid game, in the late game where keeping enemies at a distance becomes paramount, he suffers as a result of his very short range on both his attacks and his spells.

3. Vayne


  • Amazing tank shredding capability
  • Great mobility
  • Strong dueling potential


  • Very short range
  • Weak laning phase
  • Few damaging abilities

Vayne is one of those champions that becomes much stronger in the hands of a master. She is one of the most mechanically challenging champions in League of Legends. Vayne only has one active ability that directly has an effect on an enemy, Condemn (E), and one of the only champions who still has an ability that is only a passive (Silver Bolts, W).

This is also what makes Vayne incredibly strong in the hands of mechanically talented players. She has mobility on a very short cooldown via Tumble (Q), invisibility on her Final Hour (R), and does an insane amount of damage from her Silver Bolts (W). Mastery of Vayne can let player carry almost any game; that is, if you can get through her challenging laning phase.

2. Caitlyn


  • Extremely long auto-attack range
  • Strong mobility for escaping
  • Oppressive laning phase


  • Very weak mid game
  • Needs multiple items before power spiking
  • Below average dueling power

Caitlyn is the quintessential safe ADC—you can pick her in almost any circumstance and do decently. She is extremely strong in lane because of her long range (the longest in the game), and scales extremely well into late game. She has decent poke damage with her Piltover Peacemaker (Q), good zone control with her Yordle Snap Trap (W), and even decent escape with 90 Caliber Net (E).

So why isn't Caitlyn for you? If you fall behind you're in for a rough game. Caitlyn is a strong laner, but if you struggle to capitalize on her early advantages in lane, you become extremely weak in the mid game. This is largely because Caitlyn depends on both attack speed to trigger her Headshot (Passive) and damage so that her critical hits will actually pack a punch. She usually needs two full items to come online.

1. Twitch


  • Strong team fighting
  • Good ganking
  • High damage


  • Poor mobility
  • Low range
  • Rough laning phase

Twitch is a safe bet to learn because he is very rarely picked, almost never banned, and isn't nerfed very often. He is dependent on his Ambush (Q) as well as the dual abilities Venom Cask (W) and Contaminate (E) that do an incredible amount of AoE damage. His play pattern depends on your playstyle, but largely you are going to use Ambush (Q) to initiate ganks and surprise attacks on unsuspecting enemies farming in the mid game, but it can be used also just for getting into tricky positions against opponent who might not know your location.

Of course Twitch isn't perfect. Ambush (Q) is largely useless for actual combat once fighting has started and his dueling power largely just consists of right clicking on enemy champions. It can be rough at the start. However the teamfighting power of Spray and Pray (R) gives him life in the mid game, especially in combination with Ambush (Q) starting a fight.

Twitch's unique play pattern and skill cap is great for those who want to dive headfirst into learning a champion that will probably go untouched for a long time.


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