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The pool of successful marksmen is notoriously small, with most marksmen having below 50% win rates. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible to carry for the bot lane. Especially after the marksman rework, there are plenty to choose from that you can dish out the consistent damage your team needs for wins.

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Here are the five best ADCs to carry your games with:

5. Caitlyn

Play rate: 31.86% | Win rate: 50.88%


  • Extremely long auto-attack range
  • Strong mobility for escaping
  • Oppressive laning phase


  • Very weak mid game
  • Needs multiple items before power spiking
  • Below average dueling power

Caitlyn is the quintessential safe ADC—you can pick her in almost any circumstance and do decently. She is extremely strong in lane because of her long range (the longest in the game), and scales extremely well into late game. She has decent poke damage with her Piltover Peacemaker (Q), good zone control with her Yordle Snap Trap (W), and even decent escape with 90 Caliber Net (E).

So why isn't Caitlyn for you? If you fall behind you're in for a rough game. Caitlyn is a strong laner, but if you struggle to capitalize on her early advantages in lane, you become extremely weak in the mid game. This is largely because Caitlyn depends on both attack speed to trigger her Headshot (Passive) and damage so that her critical hits will actually pack a punch. She usually needs two full items to come online.

What's Changed Lately?

  • Nothing

4. Vayne

Play rate: 20.07% | Win rate: 51.12%


  • Amazing tank shredding capability
  • Great mobility
  • Strong dueling potential


  • Very short range
  • Weak laning phase
  • Few damaging abilities

Vayne is one of those champions that becomes much stronger in the hands of a master. She is one of the most mechanically challenging champions in League of Legends. Vayne only has one active ability that directly has an effect on an enemy, Condemn (E), and one of the only champions who still has an ability that is only a passive (Silver Bolts, W).

This is also what makes Vayne incredibly strong in the hands of mechanically talented players. She has mobility on a very short cooldown via Tumble (Q), invisibility on her Final Hour (R), and does an insane amount of damage from her Silver Bolts (W). Mastery of Vayne can let player carry almost any game; that is, if you can get through her challenging laning phase.

What's Changed Lately?

  • Tumble (Q) damage increased, and can be used on turrets - buff

3. Jinx

Play rate: 20.22% | Win rate: 51.67%


  • Strong laning phase
  • Outstanding range and attack speed
  • Amazing teamfighting


  • Low mobility without reset
  • Below average dueling
  • Dependent on team for playmaking

Jinx is a snowball ADC: She starts off with a pretty strong laning phase, and this largely dictates how she'll play in the mid game. Jinx can struggle if she gets behind, but she's always be relevant with her good teamfighting ultimate (Super Mega Death Rocket!, R), and splash damage from the Fishbones mode of Switcheroo! (Q).

Her mobility is a bit of an issue—that is until she gets a kill and triggers Get Excited! (Passive). This is what makes Jinx a perfect champion for Solo Queue. If she gets rolling in a team fight, she can usually clean up the rest of her enemies from the movement and attack speed granted by Get Excited! (Passive).

She can still be a little risky against diving champions like Xin Zhao or Nocturne, but otherwise is a safe ADC, with amazing carry potential. Just make sure you have a team that can set you up for success since Jinx has a hard time starting fights herself.

What's Changed Lately?

  • Super Mega Death Rocket! (R) damage increased - buff
  • Flame Chompers! (W) damage reduced, mana cost increased - nerf

2. Jhin

Play rate: 23.81% | Win rate: 51.91%


  • Strong crowd control and zone control
  • Extremely long range
  • High burst damage


  • Low mobility
  • Low attack speed
  • Damage dependent on skill shots

Jhin is perhaps the most unique ADC ever created. His Whisper (Passive) changes him so that he cannot gain attack speed other than through leveling up. Instead his core mechanics are based on his critical hit chance, which increases his mobility. Because of this, his auto-attack spacing and positioning becomes extremely important. The end result is a champion with a lot of burst damage, especially when holding the fourth shot of Whisper (Passive) to combo with his Dancing Grenade (Q) and Deadly Flourish (W).

The problem with Jhin is that if you miss his Deadly Flourish (W), mess up the timing of his auto-attacks, or mistime his Dancing Grenade (Q) he becomes a lot less potent; and it's very easy to make these mistakes an an inexperienced Jhin player.

However, it's not all bad. Jhin is one of the few ADCs that can initiate fights almost on his own because of both Deadly Flourish (W) and Curtain Call (R). Not only can he initiate, but he can do so from extremely long ranges, leaving him relatively safe.

What's Changed Recently?

  • Deadly Flourish (W) damage decreased - nerf
  • Curtain Call (R) damage decreased, execute damage increased, refund removed - nerf

1. Miss Fortune

Play rate: 11.12% | Win rate: 54.55%


  • Extremely high burst damage
  • Amazing teamfighting ultimate
  • Decent mobility


  • Low escapability
  • Below average sustained damage
  • Gated heavily by mana cost

As far as win rates among ADCs go, Miss Fortune is definitely an outlier, with among the highest win rate of any champion of any position. Let's start with the easy part: her game-changing ultimate Bullet Time (R). Bullet Time (R) puts out more area affect damage than any other in the game, and does so from an insane distance, and with almost no warning.

In the chaotic nature of Solo Queue, it is almost inevitable that enemies will group up, and even hitting just three champions for a few seconds will almost always win a fight for your team. This is why most of her builds focus on just making a stronger Bullet Time (R).

Miss Fortune has plenty of weak points. She is not very good at dueling, has virtually no crowd control other than a minor slow on Make It Rain (E), and has an unreliable damage ability with Double Up (Q), at least in lane.

Experienced Miss Fortune players are able to get around these weak points and set up for the extremely strong mid game, where she can get the full effect of both Double Up (Q) hits and Bullet Time (R) wrecks enemies in teamfights.

What's Changed Lately?

  • Love Tap (W) removed damage to towers - nerf


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