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With the introduction of World of Warcraft's sixth expansion Legion comes a slew of new companion pets to find, capture, or win as a reward. I'm not much of pet battler myself, but I do love collecting furry pals and having them trail along at my side as I explore The Broken Isles.

I've rescued a baby eagle from the caves of Highmountain, herded cats (!!) for a chance of making friends with a little owlkitten, and fell into the briny waters of underworld to battle a sea creature only to come out with a baby jellyfish as a companion.

But there's so many more pets to find in-game. I've compiled a list of my favorites and how to acquire them. I'm still working on adding them all to my collection!

Best Quest Pet: Emmigosa

To acquire: Head to Azurewing Repose in Aszuna and run the Runas Knows The Way quest chain which ends with On The Brink which rewards Emmigosa.

In the zone of Aszuna, you are tasked with saving the ancient blue dragon, Senegos. Along the way, his great-great-great-great-great granddaughter Emmigosa is hurt in an all-out assault on him by mana-starved creatures trying to feed directly on his essence.

When you save him and his brood, you are rewarded with the loyalty of the young blue dragon and she happily flaps after you as you continue your adventures through the Broken Isles.

Runner up: Lurking Owl Kitten

To acquire: At level 110, head to the NW bridge between Suramar and Val'sharah and complete the You Have Cat To Be Kitten Me Right Meow quest.

As I mentioned above, while I was questing in Suramar, I was literally asked to herd cats, uh, owl kittens, that had wandered away from their parents. The little rascals proved to be quite tricky to chase back to the safety of their mom and dad.

Now I get to hear the pitter pat of my owlkitten buddy as he follows me around while I explore the amazing zone that is Suramar.

Best Wild Pet: Gleamhoof Fawn

To acquire: Find in the wilds of Val'sharah and capture in pet battle.

The druid-themed Val'sharah is full of many adorable creatures, but none more so than the Gleamhoof Fawn. This baby doe must be captured via pet battling and likely only after you kill its overprotective mother and father. Must be why the flavor text on the Fawn reads "Now where are its parents? You monster."

Runner up: Dust Bunny

To acquire: Again, a creature from the adorable department is very popular. This one requires you to find a rug in the floating hub city of Dalaran that will give you the clickable buff Spring Cleaning. This buff will allow you to see Dust Bunnies in the city and capture them in a pet battle.

Best Vendor Pet: Sunborne Val'kyr

To acquire: Purchase from Valdemar Stormseeker

Modeled after the Valkyire of Norse legend, these pets are considered "sunborne" when blessed in the presence of Odyn. They can only be purchased when a player has reached Revered reputation with the Valarjar, the main rep of the Stormheim zone.

Runner up: Celestial Calf

To acquire: Purchase from The Mad Merchant

Some players have made mad money in the game. And for them there is merchant in Legion known as the Mad Merchant who sells items for exorbitant prices for those who like to show off how much money they have, uh, had. For those players with an extra 1,000,000 gold lying around, they can purchase a Celestial Calf and let everyone know they had extra coin to spare.

Best Dropped Pet: Eye of Inquisition

To acquire: Rare drop from Felsoul Inquisitors

Every so often you're merrily killing vile creatures across the Broken Isles and you stumble across a pet as sweet loot. Eye of Inquisition is one of those. Dropping every so often from Felsoul Inquisitors in Suramar they are a pleasure to discover, but good luck trying to farm one. The drop rate it 0.5%.

Runner up: Thistleleaf Adventurer

To acquire: Rare reward from Dreamweaver Emissary loot box

These little sprites are the bane of every adventurer's existence in Val'sharah. Now one can be yours, but not from killing a creature. These only appear rarely in the World Quest Dreamweaver emissary dropboxes.

Bonus: When you mount up, they will also mount up on a fairy dragon just like their annoying cousins in Val'sharah.

Best Class/Profession-Specific Pet: Broot

To acquire: Rare from Druid Hall soil plot

Who doesn't love Guardians of the Galaxy homages? This miniature Ancient of War can only be attained by Druids from their Class Hall. They must research Evergreen ability which will spawn two plots of soil that can be harvested every 3 days for supplies. There is a rare chance one of these plots will yield Broot.

Runner Up: Enchanted Cauldron

To acquire: Enchanter only quest.

This floating, bubbling witch's pot is gained at the end of quest chain that can only be started by those who have chosen the Enchanting profession. The quest chain also grants two other Enchanter-only pets as well: the Enchanted Torch and Enchanted Pen. The flavor text from all three pets comes from The Sorcerer's Apprentice, a German poem about Strega the Hag made into the Disney film Fantasia.

What's your favorite companion pet of Legion?


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