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Thanks to the power of today's smartphones and tablets, video games have never been so portable. However, the crowded digital aisles of the Google Play Store‎ make finding the best mobile games a challenge.

Whether you're looking to kill time during a long flight or a quick commute, these addictive gems—most of them free—are perfect for gaming on the go.

7 Best Android Games You Can Download Right Now

The Trail

Free | Simulation | 470 MB | In-App Purchases - Yes

The latest game from industry legend Peter Molyneux, invites you to wander along the endless and vast canyons of the frontier from the relative comfort of your smartdevice. You can craft items to hunt and survive, trade to accumulate capital and build communities once you eventually reach and settle down in Eden Falls.


  • Discover beautiful locations with a few swipes and drags of your screen
  • Craft, trade and accumulate money
  • Build communities in towns

Burly Men At Sea

$4.99 | Adventure | 93 MB | In-App Purchases - No

One of the most inspiring and original titles on this list, puts you in the salty boots of three bulky Scandinavian sailors, the Brothers Beard who discover an empty sea chart and, thankfully for us, decide to set sail in the high seas in order to start filling it out.

Packed with encounters, mini-games that will test your dexterity, and a branching narrative that changes every time you play, Burly Men At Sea provides tons of replayability.


  • Branching narrative
  • Beautiful and inventive animation style
  • Expansive mini games

Pokémon GO

Free | Adventure | 86 MB | In-App Purchases - Yes

If you haven't already gotten your hands on , where have you been the past year?! A legitimate global phenomenon, PoGO gets you into the outdoors to catch pocket monsters in your local area, hatch, evolve and even battle with local gyms. This game is insanely addictive. Just make sure you're not using dangerous machinery whilst GO-ing.


  • Catch Pokemon literally everywhere
  • Train, evolve and battle
  • Take on gyms and defend your own

Free | Action | 19 MB | In-App Purchases - Yes

If you've ever owned an ancient Nokia phone, the ones with the batteries that never ran dry, you more than likely would have whittled away time with Snake; a severely addictive free mini game that came with each mobile. Well it's back, and now you can play against a multitude of other snakes online in!

Instead of chowing down on pixels, your super cute snake slithers around eating little orbs of light whilst attempting to avoid any other snakes that appear in your vicinity. Remember, the more orbs you eat, the bigger you become, which makes it far more difficult to navigate...


  • Play as a very hungry snake
  • Battle online or against AI
  • Win even if you're super small

The Banner Saga 2

$4.99 | Role Playing | 37 MB | In-App Purchases - Yes

The sequel to one of the best RPGs ever made, The Banner Saga 2 comes to dock with Android and we're all the better for it. Continuing the series' stunning artwork and surprisingly deep turn based battle mechanic, you will find yourself surprisingly melancholic after a party member dies in battle, and is erased from the story for good. Damn you, branching narratives! Damn you...


  • Tense, tactical turn based battles
  • Branching narrative
  • One of the best stories in mobile gaming

FIFA Mobile Football

Free | Sports | 64 MB | In-App Purchases - Yes

Need a FIFA fix but nowhere near your console? Well you might as well get into the game on your smartphone then! Play with 650 teams from 30 leagues on your phone or tablet, manage your Ultimate Team and join competitive leagues with your mates to become the best player the world has ever seen.


  • Varying game modes
  • Manage your ultimate team
  • 650 teams from 30 leagues to choose from

Trivia Crack Kingdoms

Free | Trivia | 55 MB | In-App Purchases - Yes

And finally, consider yourself a bit of a know-it-all? Well, put your memory retention & skills of pedantry to the test in , which is just as addictive as the title suggests. But, most excitingly, create your own multi-channel, pulling trivia from various categories to create custom quizzes that'll baffle yourself and your buddies. All of this, and a pretty cute aesthetic.


  • Chat and play against people from all over the globe
  • Create your own trivia channels based on your interests
  • Take part in trending trivia challenges

What's your favorite mobile game?

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