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Get ready for your hearts to grow three sizes, all ye Grinches! The holidays have brought us a tale of giving from the least likely of sources: the corporate bastion of technology that is Best Buy.

The Story Behind It All

Our story begins in a village known as "Valley Stream" in the state of New York. Each and every day, a young boy would come into Best Buy and sit down in front of the Wii U on display. Day in, day out, he'd fire up Smash Bros. and have a bout.

The helpful employees noticed this boy, and so they came up with a ploy. They put their money together and bought a Wii U with a... um... Yeah, okay, I can't keep this going. The point, however, remains the same: Noticing this young man's static place in front of the console, the employees decided to surprise him by purchasing him his very own and game to go with it.

In the video above, you can see this act of giving in action, along with the boy's stunned reaction to the whole thing. What you won't see is that the employees also offered to drive him to his house because he told them he was nervous walking back home with the console in-hand.

This Being The Internet, Some People Are Cynical

Of course, some people haven't exactly experienced a tripling of their heart's size after seeing this. Several people have interpreted the boy's stunned reaction as disappointment, projecting their own stories onto him and assuming he came to Best Buy to escape some horrible life at home. Others have immediately wondered (more reasonably) if he actually has a TV at home to support the Wii U — though, thanks to the gamepad, that's not technically a requirement to play.

And still others have taken the employee's, "We got you a Wii U so you don't have to come here every day!" statement as a way of telling the kid not to come there every day, rather than telling him he doesn't have to come to Best Buy every day.

Similarly, there are signs of this being done as an advertising stunt, such as the manager saying, "...why shop at Amazon when you have genuine people in this world that you can continue to help keep a job" and "Continue to shop at Best Buy and keep us all employed so that we can continue to do things like this for people day in and out. Up vote that."

In response to these sorts of naysayers, of the store's managers, the uploader of the video, has made a few posts pointing out that there's nothing sinister going on with this gift. In one, he tells everyone that the boy "has two very loving parents at home." Meanwhile, in another video, he criticizes the negative responses as "exactly what is wrong with the world."

But Does It Really Matter?

Here's the thing: This was an act of kindness, regardless of intent. It cost the employees somewhere around $300 and it was out of their own pockets. This kid got a brand-new system and one of the best games for it, a game he clearly has a lasting interest in.

If Best Buy uses the story as an opportunity to promote themselves a little, then that's what they do. It doesn't take away the console from the kid and it doesn't diminish his happiness when he plays it. Not to mention, the video gained popularity after initially appearing on reddit — a site the manager says he has "no idea how to use."

In the end, this whole thing hopefully reminds you that a little kindness can go a long way. And what better time to remember that than the holidays?

What do you think of the Best Buy employees' gesture of kindness?


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