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Blizzard's presence at Gamescom 2017 is definitely going to make the Overwatch community happy. They've confirmed a new map, set in the post-apocalyptic Australian Outback, and they're going to debut the latest Overwatch animated short film. At last year's Gamescom, Blizzard released The Last Bastion short to much fanfare.

There's been no hint or mention of a new Overwatch hero though. Which makes sense I guess, what with just being released, but who knows what might have up its sleeve. From what I remember, Ana's hero announcement seemingly came out of nowhere and surprised everyone.

So what kind of hero would be the perfect follow up to Doomfist do you think? Maybe a new kind of support hero? Another tank? Some type of DPS/healer hybrid? Rather than try to envision new Overwatch character ideas myself, I've curated a shortlist of fan-made concepts I think deserve to be in Overwatch's canon. Check them out below!


Created by Rafael Zanchetin

Rivet is a hero that can engage battles from range, cut through walls, strike multiple enemies at once, and blind enemies with smoke.

Rivet's Abilities

  • Light Pistol – Rivet's primary "Left Click" attack is a rapid firing weapon that doesn't need to be reloaded, but instead has an "overheating" mechanic, i.e., the longer you fire the weapon, the slower its firing rate becomes. The overheat decay can be reset after using the Screwdriver "E" ability, or staying out of combat for a certain amount of time.
  • Screwdriver – Rivet's "E" ability is an area of effect (AoE) whirlwind melee strike. Any enemies in range that are struck by this attack also get knocked back. Using this ability resets the Light Pistol's rate of fire.
  • Drill – Rivet's "Shift" ability is a forward dash (similar to Genji's) that propels her over a short/medium distance. The dash also allows her to cut through walls, and any enemies hit by this ability are knocked back.
  • Smoke Bomb – Rivet's ultimate "Q" ability is a bomb projectile that creates a large smoke cloud, blocking the enemy's vision.

View Rivet's Illustrated Ability Sheet

Alternate "Lt. Walker" skin for Rivet:


Created by Mario Manzanares

Zameen harnesses the venomous power of snakes through hard-light constructs (like Symmetra) and a plethora of poisonous attacks.

Zameen's Abilities

  • Snake Bites – Zameen's primary "Left Click" attack is a weapon that fires long range projectiles. Pressing "Shift" switches from the Snake Bite weapon to Zameen's Shisha Cannon.
  • Shisha Cannon – This weapon sprays a short-range venomous cloud that poisons the enemy and does damage over time (DoT).
  • Snake Charmer – Zameen's "E" ability generates a hard-light snake that is aimed at an enemy. When the snake bites, it explodes into a cloud of poison that damages and stuns the target.
  • Shisha Bomb – Zameen's ultimate "Q" ability disperses all of the Shisha Cannon's toxic content into a huge cloud of venomous smoke, poisoning all enemies in range and dealing damage over time.

View Zameen's Illustrated Ability Sheet


Created by Carlos Ruiz

According to Ruiz, Lyra is "designed to be a hunter and take out big tanks like Reinhardt instead of focusing the smaller enemies."

Lyra's Abilities

  • Bolt Action Rifle – Lyra's default "Left Click" attack is a slow firing bolt action rifle that has a small magazine, but is super accurate and deals significant damage. Great for busting down barriers from a distance.
  • Incendiary Capsule – Lyra's "E" ability fires a round from her bolt action rifle carrying an incendiary capsule that explodes on impact, creating a small area of fire that does damage over time.
  • Sedative Capsule – With her "Shift" ability, Lyra fires a round carrying a sedative capsule that slows an enemy's movement speed on impact. Lyra has two (2) sedative capsules stocked; landing two consecutive Sedative Capsule shots on a single target will put them to sleep for a brief period of time.
  • Derven – As per the illustration above, Lyra has a bird companion named Derven that gives her a "Passive" ability. Derven flies around the map periodically and marks an enemy present on the objective (payload, capture point) making them visible through walls, only to Lyra.
  • Derven Strike – Lyra's ultimate "Q" ability gives her control of Derven for an airstrike, who can dive bomb enemies up to three times (3 explosives stocked) before his shields are destroyed or the ultimate timer runs out.

View Lyra's Illustrated Ability Sheet Part 1 | Part 2

Portague Cold

Created by Rafael Zanchetin

Portague Cold is a vial-tossing madman who does a bit of everything; deals damage over time, heals, supports, and can even crowd control.

Portague Cold's Abilities

  • Debilitating Vial – Cold's primary "Left Click" attack is a toxic vial projectile he throws that on impact, deals damage to enemies over time.
  • Rejuvenating Vial – His secondary "Right Click" attack is a healing vial projectile that heals allies on impact over time.
  • Mobility Vial – Portague's "E" ability is a dual-functioning buff/debuff vial projectile that gives allies a temporary speed boost on impact, and when impacting enemies it slows down their movement speed.
  • Debilitating Aura – Portague has a "Passive" ability where upon taking any damage he leaves behind a toxic cloud, dealing damage over time in his wake.
  • Mayhem – For his ultimate "Q" ability, Portague throws out several vials at once that "confuses" enemy targets on impact for a brief period. The "confuse" mechanic randomly swaps around the enemy player's character controls, i.e., "W" becomes "Space" or trying to go left moves your character right, etc.
  • Alternate Vials – There was no definitive "Shift" ability for this hero, but Zanchetin came up with the following ideas: Concussion Vial that knocks enemies away, a Barrier Vial that gives an ally their own small, temporary shield barrier, and a Misdirection Vial that on impact makes the enemy player perform a 180° turn from whatever direction they were facing.

View Portague's Illustrated Ability Sheet Part 1 | Part 2


Created by Julian del Rey

Jade is a heavily armored and high mobility hero equipped with a plasma blaster and a giant photon sword.

Jade's Abilities

  • Viper Bit – Jade's primary "Left Click" attack is a medium-range plasma projectile fired from her blaster.
  • Plasma Wave – Her "Right Click" is a charge ability, where charging the blaster shot will release a long-range wave of plasma energy.
  • Photon Sword – Jade's "E" is also a charge ability, where you channel the Photon Sword's electromagnetic energy and upon releasing it, Jade rapidly dashes forward while hurling the Photon Sword in front of her, dealing damage to enemy players.
  • Ultra-Shield – Jade generates a personal barrier with her "Shift" ability like Zarya, but unlike Zarya's Particle Barrier, Jade's Ultra-Shield deflects incoming projectile attacks and burst heals her for a small amount of HP.
  • Earthwave-Shock – Jade's ultimate "Q" ability has her perform an AoE melee strike, similar to Reinhardt's Earth Shatter, where her sword releases a mighty photon earthwave that inflicts fatal damage.
  • Armor Mods – Jade has a "Passive" ability that allows her to jump higher than most other heroes thanks to the modifications in her power armor.

View Jade's Illustrated Ability Sheet

Julian also came up with a bit of backstory for Jade:

Jade was a soldier who trained with and fought alongside Pharah in the Egyptian army, but after learning of a government conspiracy in secret, she went AWOL and abandoned her country. She traveled around the globe, and eventually became commander of the mercenary squad "VIPER" — an elite group of bounty hunters with extraordinary abilities. After years spent in desertion, Jade has now finally decided to return to Egypt...

He made this pretty sweet cliffhanger comic illustration as well:


My personal favorite of these five hero concepts is Rivet, but I think they'd all be pretty interesting and fun to play in-game. What about you?


Which of these hero concepts would you want to see in the Overwatch Universe?

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