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As a Game of Thrones fan, I feel as if I've been waiting for a good game based on George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series for as long as we've been waiting for Lady Stoneheart to finally step into the fray and kick some ass (which will probably never happen, but imagine...). Don't you think?

"On the contrary", I hear you cry from the ramparts. What about Telltale's stab at Game of Thrones, or Disruptor Beam's Game of Thrones: Ascent? Yeah, okay those titles weren't bad at all (even though the latter is a Facebook game (heresy!)).

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But what we all want from a Game of Thrones video game is some hardcore hack-n-slash action, amirite? Where bodies are liberated from their heads and other limbs and organs litter a battlefield packed with thousands of scruffy-looking brawlers. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Recognize these guys? [Credit: Seven Kingdoms Development Team]
Recognize these guys? [Credit: Seven Kingdoms Development Team]

We came close with the Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings II, which was touted as the ultimate video game adaptation of the hit series, with the intrigue, marriage, bartering between houses and general skullduggery. But what about simple, straight-up warfare? That's why most of us are here, right? To see heads roll?

Enter Total War: Attila, from developers Creative Assembly—the same heroes that made the excellent Alien: Isolation. This RTS has, possibly, the definitive Game of Thrones battle mod to end Game of Thrones battle mods. Allow me to introduce Seven Kingdoms: Total War.

Seven Hells!

[Credit: Seven Kingdoms Development Team]
[Credit: Seven Kingdoms Development Team]

Seven Kingdoms: Total War is a faction and unit overhaul mod that does away with Atilla's troops and replaces them with the armies of the Seven Kingdoms. All of your favorite warmongers are here, from the free folk to House Baratheon.

Based on HBO's TV series rather than the novels, Seven Kingdoms boasts 20 different armies to choose from, across eight Westerosi factions. It even features 35 different generals to choose from, including Ned Stark, Davos Seaworth and Loras Tyrell.

[Credit: Seven Kingdoms Development Team]
[Credit: Seven Kingdoms Development Team]

Right now the mod stands as an overhaul to Attila's multiplayer and custom battle mode only, the chances of there being a campaign overhaul are rather slim due to it depending on whether Creative Assembly fancy updating their developer's toolkit. And only the Seven know whether this action shall come to pass.

But, that aside, it's said that in the Game of Thrones you either win or die, and I tell you... there's gonna be a lot of sprites on the losing end of one of fantasy literature's most dangerous pastimes whilst giving Seven Kingdoms: Total War a go! And I absolutely cannot wait!

What about you? In the mood to play the Game of Thrones?

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