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There are a lot of governments and policies in Civilization 6, and it's hard to know how they interact with each other, much less how to optimize them.

It's also difficult to say that there is one universally government and set of policies that is always the best. A lot of that varies with how you want to play the game—specifically, what victory condition you want to win with.

Keeping that in mind, we looked through the 10 Government types and 100 Policies to give a run down on how to get the most out of them while you try to get your victory condition of choice.

Domination Victory

This condition is perhaps the most intuitive to players unfamiliar with the Civilization franchise. Building an army and destroying your opponents is pretty universal in every strategy game, and Civ 6 is no different.

In this case you want to focus on Governments and Policies that will help you get the most out of your army production and combat effectiveness.

Best Governments For Domination Victory

  • Autocracy: Most available military policy slots in early game
  • Oligarchy: Adds +4 Combat Strength to all land melee and 20% experience
  • Theocracy: Can buy land combat units with faith
  • Fascism: +4 Combat Strength and 4 military policy slots

Best Policies (and Civics) For Domination Victory

  • Agoge (Craftmanship): +50% Production toward Ancient and Classical era melee and ranged units.
  • Feudal Contract (Feudalism): +50% Production toward Medieval and Renaissance melee and ranged units.
  • Grand Armee (Nationalism): +50% Production toward Industrial and Modern era melee and ranged units.
  • The Finest Hour (Suffrage): +50% Production toward Modern and Atomic air units.

Science Victory

Winning the game with a Science Victory is pretty difficult just because of the amount of time it takes. On top of that, while spending resources on trying to secure your Science Victory, it becomes difficult to defend yourself since you are spending so much money on technology that doesn't really defend you.

In the case of Science Victory, you want to focus on production and research and making breakthroughs with Great Scientists.

Best Governments For Science Victory

  • Classical Republic: 15% Great People points
  • Merchant Republic: 15% discount on gold purchases
  • Democracy: 50% less gold for patronage of Great People

Best Policies (and Civics) For Science Victory

  • Trade Federation (Mercenaries): +1 Culture and +1 Science from international Trade Routes
  • Rationalism (Enlightenment): +100% Science from Campus District buildings
  • Nobel Prize (Nuclear Program): +4 Great Scientist points per turn

Religion Victory

In a way, Religious Victory is similar to Army Domination, but with a sort of Trojan Horse twist. In order to earn a Religious Victory, you have to make your religion be the most popular on the planet, which involves a lot of conversation and evangelizing.

Best Governments For Religion Victory

  • Theocracy: Can buy land combat units with Faith & 15% discount on faith purchases
  • Democracy: Patronage of Great People costs 50% less gold
  • Communism: 10% bonus to all production

Best Policies (and Civics) For Religion Victory

  • God King (Code of Laws): +1 Faith and +1 Gold in the Capital
  • Scripture (Ideology): +100% Holy Site adjacency bonuses
  • Revelation (Mysticism): +2 Great Prophet points per turn

Culture Victory

Culture Victory might be the hardest to achieve. This victory is contingent on your civilization becoming more popular for tourists than any other, and the foreign tourists in your civilization must outmatch domestic tourism in other civilizations.

This means that focusing on attractions and amenities becomes paramount.

Best Governments For Culture Victory

  • Autocracy: 10% bonus on Wonder production
  • Merchant Republic: +2 Trade Routes and 15% discount on Gold purchases
  • Democracy: 30% bonus yields from District projects and 50% less gold for patronage of Great People
  • Communism: 10% bonus to all production

Best Policies (and Civics) For Culture Victory

  • Meritocracy (Civil Service): Each city receives +1 Culture for each specialty District it constructs
  • Market Economy (Capitalism): Your international Trade Routes provide +1 Gold per Luxury and Strategic Resource imported at the destination, as well as +2 Culture and +2 Science
  • Grand Opera (Opera and Ballet): +100% Culture yield from Theatre Square District buildings

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