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Have you recently come back to World of Warcraft with no idea what class to play? If so, you're in luck! Not only does the game offer class trials to give classes a test run before officially diving in, we also have a rundown of the different roles to guide you in the right direction.

In Legion, each class and all of its specs have unique playstyles and even more unique Artifact weapons with their own acquisition quests. It makes for a solid experience no matter what class you play. But if damage-dealing or tanking aren't your thing, then maybe preventing your group from dying is! And if you need helping figuring out which healing class is right for you, we have a rundown of all the different healing classes to help you decide!

Holy Priest

Armor: Cloth

Artifact weapon: Staff

Play Holy Priest if: You want a solid (but somewhat standard) healer with a wide variety of healing spells

Holy Priests as the far end of the Priest spectrum, with the middle being taken by Discipline, a damage/healing hybrid (see below) and the other end being taken by Shadow, a ranged DPS spec. They're likely the most "standard" in terms of class fantasy, but that's not a bad thing by any means.

They have a large toolkit of spells that includes group heals, heal-over-time spells, and single-target heals. They lack the sort of solo capabilities that some of the other healers have, but they make up for it in group content. Their spell list can be a bit overwhelming at first, but Legion has done a nice job tuning it down and making it more welcoming to newcomers.


  • Large kit of spells for all situations
  • Strong single-target healing spells
  • Discipline and Shadow off-specs offer the perfect spectrum of ranged healing/damage


  • Large kit of spells for all situations can be a lot to handle
  • Soloing as Holy will be slower than the other two Priest specs

Holy Paladin

Armor: Plate

Artifact weapon: Two-handed mace

Play Holy Paladin if: You like a durable healer who focuses primarily on one target at a time.

Holy Paladins have a new Mastery system in Legion which increases their healing based on proximity to their target. They also excel at single-target healing, which makes them great tank healers.

As a result, Holy Paladins often end up in melee range with the melee DPSers, as opposed to most healers which stay as far back as possible in order to cover the largest healing diameter. Holy Paladins' strong single-target abilities mean they're beginner friendly but also lacking in group-healing cooldowns like some of the other healers.


  • Strong single-target healing
  • Unique mechanic via Mastery which increases healing on targets closer to you
  • Plate armor makes you harder to kill than most healers


  • Cooldowns are not as strong as other healers'
  • Mastery can be a double-edged sword and reduce healing on ranged target
  • Group healing is limited compared to other healers

Restoration Shaman

Armor: Mail

Artifact weapon: Main-hand mace plus shield

Play Restoration Shaman if: You like your healing with a side of voodoo and a focus on elements like water and spirit.

Restoration Shamans excel at group healing thanks to Chain Heal, a heal that jumps from ally to ally. That's not to say they can't do solid single-target healing, though. They actually have a strong kit of spells and a relatively small learning curve, which makes them a good healer for beginners.

If there are complicating aspects, they're the result of a simultaneously large cooldown/utility kit and low burst healing capabilities. Restoration Shamans have a lot of cooldowns, but this also means that each of them is slightly toned down when compared to other healers who have a single, very powerful cooldown.

They take a bit of getting used to, but as long as you can manage your cooldowns and your group stays close together, you'll be desired in any type of group content.


  • Group healing is very strong
  • Unique flavor via totems
  • Several offensive abilities for soloing


  • Several cooldowns to keep track of
  • Healing throughput will decrease if your group is spread out

Restoration Druid

Armor: Leather

Artifact weapon: Staff

Play Restoration Druid if: You like being able to heal on the move easily or like the idea of being a tree

Restoration Druids are notoriously HOT (heal-over-time) based healers. What this means is that they don't have quite as many "big" heals, but they're able to consistently blanket the group or raid team with HOTs.

They're also incredibly mobile, being able to cast most of their heals on the go. This makes them a really fun healer to play, as well as one that is almost impossible to stop in PVP. And if you like, you're able to play a Restoration Druid as a treant, thanks to an optional spell.

Because it wouldn't be a Druid class without a special form.


  • Able to use several heals on the move
  • Can turn into a tree
  • Will annoy everyone you fight in PVP
  • Very mobile thanks to shape-shifting capabilities


  • Heavy use of heal-over-time spells means fewer heavy-hitting heals
  • Will annoy everyone you fight in PVP

Mistweaver Monk

Armor: Leather

Artifact weapon: Staff

Play Mistweaver Monk if: You like the jade-mist aesthetic and want a healer that can cover most healing situations.

Mistweaver Monks were introduced back in the Mists of Pandaria expansion pack and have changed a bit since then. Where previous expansions let you choose between all-out healing or a mix of damage/healing ("fistweaving," as it was called), Legion has seen them primarily become pure healers — though some talent choices do allow for a bit of that playstyle to still exist.

Despite this change, Mistweavers are great in that they can cover a large variety of encounters. They have strong cooldowns, a plethora of healing spells at their disposal, and share the mobility that their tank and damage counterparts also receive. They can be a bit difficult to get the hang of, but very useful (and fun!) once mastered.


  • Solid mix of healing spells for all occasions
  • High mobility
  • Incredibly strong cooldown via Revival spell


  • "Fistweaving" (that is, dealing damage while healing) can be complicated if you prefer that playstyle
  • Larger toolkit requires deeper knowledge of what spells to use in what situations

Discipline Priest

Armor: Cloth

Artifact weapon: Staff

Play Discipline Priest if: You want a unique healing experience that mixes damage dealing with healing.

Discipline Priests have received a very big overhaul in Legion. Where they used to be the master of bubbling everything (that is, casting absorption shields on everyone and calling it a day), they're now the epitome of a hybrid class. They have the most unique healing style of any healer, as their primary source of healing is actually damage.

In order to do so, Discipline Priests must place a buff on their party members that converts all damage done into healing. This buff must be micromanaged while you also focus on a proper DPS rotation and cooldown usage if things get dire. For this reason, Discipline Priests can be some of the most fun healing ever, but also some of the most complicated.

Thankfully, the recent rework means all Discipline Priests are in equally unfamiliar territory.


  • Can quest and solo very well thanks to high damage output
  • Incredibly fun and unique playstyle
  • Discipline is the middle-ground between Shadow and Holy, which makes it a great entry point to either if you find you don't like its playstyle


  • Very complicated as far as healing classes are concerned
  • Hard to catch up if your group falls low all at once

That's it for healers! They're a diverse bunch and can be a bit tricky to get the hang of, but if keeping people alive is your thing, then give healing a shot! It's okay if it takes some time, too. Same as with tanks, my advice is to let your group know if you're newer to healing — they'll either be respectful and make it a great experience, or they won't be worth keeping alive.

As a healer, you have that sort of power.

What's Your Favorite Healing Class to Play in 'World of Warcraft: Legion'?


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