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This year has only just begun and already there have been many amazing iOS games announced for this year. This is a list of games the Playsource staff and community are really excited about, and that you should be too.

Don't miss out! Many of these games are scheduled to be released in the next few months, so keep an eye out for them!


is a new kind of match-three puzzle game. Instead of just matching up shapes to gain points, you're matching up stars to create various heroes that will fight off enemies! You can drag and drop different objects (stars, boulders, other heroes and enemies) to match them up towards the bottom of the screen.

If you match up enough stars, it will create a hero. Each hero has distinct ways of attacking and destroying things around it. Your main goal is to destroy the huge enemy pushing the stars forwards; that enemy is located at the top of the screen.

However, this monster continually produces more enemies that you will have to stop from making it to the bottom of the screen or it’s game over!

Generally keeping the board clear is a good way to go in this game, but it's easy to get overwhelmed and lose, as you run out of room to make moves.

Starbeard is a very clever, unique take on a classic genre. You can follow its development and keep up to date by checking out StarbeardGames on Twitter. The developers also run design contests to create new heroes that will be used in the game!

Release Date: 2017

Mushroom 11

has you to shape an amorphous organism by cutting and destroying some of its cells. As you eliminate parts of this strange being, more instantaneously grow back, allowing it to move and change before your eyes.

You'll need to use this to your advantage when overcoming obstacles, destroying swarms of mutated creatures and understanding the seemingly destroyed world around you.

This game has been on Steam for some time now, but it's completely new to iOS! This version brings a new approach to the puzzles in the game, allowing the player to touch more than one spot on the screen.

There are more tactile plays to be achieved and the game itself is set up perfectly for mobile devices.

Release Date: March 9, 2017


is a clean-looking, minimalistic platformer that's easy to learn but challenging to master. This game has you playing through circular levels, looking to make it to each level's end point either as fast as possible or in the least amount of touches.

OCO only requires you to tap the screen to jump or slam down. Your character, shown as a cube, automatically moves across the screen, only reversing direction when you hit a wall.

You will move differently depending on the color of the environment that you come into contact with in the level. One color forces you to jump very high, another allows you to float over gaps, and one even causes your character to die, just to name a few.

These colors also leave lines around the level, drawing elegant shapes as you play. If the over 100 levels aren’t enough for you to enjoy, there's also a level editor in this game so you can spend some time creating your own!

Release: Mid 2017


is a charming puzzler that has you combining colored blobs of paint to mix colors! These cute paint blobs are trying to get to the circus, though there are many obstacles along the way.

Spikes can destroy your paint, as can buzzsaws. There are even walls that cannot be passed through so you must find a way around it. The goal of each level is to simply make it to the paint can, but with the correct color of blobs to match the color already in the can.

You move the paint blobs by launching them from line to line around the screen — pulling back on the blob then releasing it to let it go. You can combine paint splats on walls to make new colors, which will then be able to pass through that area.

This game also has a level editor so you can create some paint-spattered levels yourself. Acrosplat is a well polished, addictive game that will put a smile on your face! If this sounds like something that interests you, you can keep up with development by following AppStreetGames on Twitter.

Release Date: March 9, 2017

Dr Harrison and the Blood Crystals

is a retro speedrunning platformer that has you trying to get through all of the many, many levels as quickly as possible.

Your character automatically runs across the level, so you must jump and duck at the correct time to avoid obstacles and enemies. There are obstacles — giant red crystals to jump over and birds to duck under. If you die, you start again at the beginning of that level.

Once you've made it across one of the platforms, you'll be transported to the start of the one below you. A timer ticks constantly in the middle of the screen, showing how long you're taking to complete the area. This game is very addictive, especially when it comes to challenging your friends to beat your time.

There are also a number of characters to choose from and play, including different game developers and journalists in the indie developer community. You can keep an eye on this game, as well as the various events that it shows at, by following Asobi.Tech on Twitter or liking the game’s Facebook Page.

Release Date: 2017

Run From the Sun

has you rushing to get away from the exploding sun, collecting space junk from dying solar systems to sell to other planets!

You pick your ship and launch it towards rotating planets. Once landed on a planet, you will move around with it until you are ready to launch again.

Some planets have special purple triangles on it which you can collect, but you have to be fast, as the exploding sun is right behind you! You can choose how much more challenging the game gets at the end of each level, by either landing on an “easy” planet or a “hard” planet.

From there, you'll be transported to a new level based on the selection. If you're able to escape from the exploding star, you'll receive an artifact or a bit of space junk you can then sell for additional features in the game!

You can keep up with development (as well as see some awesome gifs) by following FuriousBee on Twitter.

Release Date: Q3 2017

Castaway Home Designer

is a 3D house designing game that lets you decorate homes in a tropical village!

You're the mayor of a tropical island who also gets to design the interior of houses for the people of your village. You must listen to the likes and dislikes of citizens before picking through more than 1,000 pieces of furniture to decide how to design their homes. If you do well, you'll get more gems!

With these gems, you can build more houses and develop the island, which really benefits the village. Castaway Home Designer has you creating your own colorful island for you and your citizens. This game is another addition to the Castaway series, but each game can be played without playing the others.

Release Date: March 1, 2017

Tower Fortress

is a retro action platformer in which you play a woman named Sara who is climbing up a tower, facing enemies and decisions along the way.

Sara is the village’s alchemist and weapons forger, but a mysterious tower has appeared in the town that she has to take on. Each time you play, the tower shuffles the internal designs, so you'll face a whole new challenge.

As you move up the tower, monsters and obstacles are dotted around. You can shoot and destroy monsters, but you've got to avoid negative things such as spikes.

At the end of each level, you're presented with three different upgrades to choose from. Whatever you pick will lead you to a new level to explore. This game has many environments to explore, enemies to defeat and even bosses to take on.


, made by the same developers as Lonely Sun, brings together six different game reviewing sites into one lowpoly game. There is not much released about this game yet, though the name of the sites and appearance of each planet have been posted. Each planet has some aspects or themes taken from the reviewing site it is inspired by.

Based on Lonely Sun, Unlonely could possibly be another gravity controlling game allowing you to guide planets through strange worlds, collecting materials to help your planet grow along the way. Though there is not much information out about Unlonely, you can follow the development on Twitter to see the beautiful screenshots that have been released thus far.

Release Date: 2017

Chameleon Swing

Chameleon Swing is a cute, hand-drawn jungle adventure that has you swinging from tree to tree! You get to play Camill, a chameleon that uses its tongue to swing across tree branches.

As you move across the screen, you can shoot your tongue upwards or downwards at passing tree branches. This will allow you to swing into the air, staying above the ground. You do need to avoid hungry animals like the crocodile in the grass, however, as well as be wary of lemurs hanging on branches.

As a chameleon, you're able to pick up bugs on the trees for extra points. There are also special abilities that you can gain by rolling the Dice of Destiny. These abilities include horns to knock lemurs out of the trees, magnets that attract insects to you, and a laser tongue that provides you with a faster, further reaching tongue to fire out.

These abilities add more variety to this challenging game. You can keep up with this fun game by following the developers on Twitter.

Release Date: 2017

Cosmic Express

is a charming puzzle game that hands you the job of creating the train route for a space colony. This train track is not as straightforward as the ones on Earth — you have to design the track so that it travels directly to the alien looking for a ride, and to the alien’s desired home.

Each type of alien is a different color, so it will need to be taken to the same color box.

These tracks will need some careful planning, as the area has limited spaces to build on and obstacles to work around. Once all of the aliens have been taken to their homes, you will move on to another domed colony to help them out as well. Cosmic Express looks simply stunning and very fun to play.

Release Date: March 16th, 2017


is a physics-based platformer in which you control a strange, spider-like creature. You can run, swing, jump and grab to get around each of these levels, and chase a white rabbit. The movement is easy to pick up, but some levels challenge how well you can control this strange creature.

As you traverse, you need to avoid a multitude of things like spikes and a colored goo that envelops the environment. Your arms can reach out and touch surfaces embedded in the goo, but your main body will die if you get caught in it.

Many of the levels contain moving platforms that you have to grab onto, so make sure you have very good timing! OCMO lends itself well to speedrunning! You can check out this game’s development by following the devs on Twitter or liking their Facebook Page.

Release Date: 2017


is a beautiful sci-fi shooter that has you exploring alien planets to research plants, animals, and discover the mystery of Morphite. Morphite is a rare material that is found deep in space.

You play a young woman named Myrah Kale, who is just on a simple exploration mission in order to gather supplies. Her mission quickly turns into an adventure about discovering her past and her link to this rare material.

You must travel to undiscovered and unexplored planets around the galaxy, confronting magnificent animals and talking to locals to learn more about where you come from.

These planets are randomly generated, giving you a unique world to explore. If you’d like to keep up with this game, you can follow one of the three developers on Twitter; Polygonal Mind, CrescentMoonGames and We're Five Games, or keep an eye on the forum.

Release Date: 2017

Splitter Critter

If you are itching for a game you can play right now, don’t worry, I have your back. was released earlier this month for iOS, so while you're waiting for the other games to come out, you can sink some time into this charming puzzle platformer.

In Splitter Critters, you're able to swipe at the environment to cut it into pieces, and you can then rearrange those pieces to guide critters. Little critters are looking to make it to their alien spaceships.

You'll need to help them by cutting and changing the world around them, leading these guys away from danger and to the safety of their ship. There are several different types of critters, each with their own abilities and movements, as well as many biomes and planets to explore.

You don’t just need to make a clear path for these little guys — you also need to solve challenging puzzles with things like lasers, reflective surfaces, liquids, and moving platforms!

Some levels just need the environment cut around them, so that they have a clear path, while others will take some tinkering with these different mechanics to get you to the end. Splitter Critters is super lovely looking, very easy to understand, and fun to play!

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