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In 2017, has made a sort of back to basics with their jungle diversity. Some of the traditional favorites are making waves in Solo Queue, but there are still some new junglers that are terrors on the Rift.

Let's take a look at the best junglers in League of Legends.

5. Rengar


  • High burst damage
  • Strong ganks
  • Good crowd control


  • Bad first jungle clear
  • Struggles when behind
  • Low utility

Rengar was reworked heavily in the assassin update in 2016, and as a result has actually become a really potent threat out of the jungle again. His most notable improvement is the ability for him to break crowd control on his Empowered Battle Roar (W). His improved versatility in combination with his ultimate makes Rengar outstanding in Solo Queue, and a great way to snowball games.

4. Warwick


  • Extremely great mobility
  • Long engage range
  • Amazing sustain in jungle


  • No ranged abilities
  • Not great ganks pre-6
  • Struggles from behind

Warwick was the beneficiary of a remake just before Season 7, and now has insane mobility. In addition to his Blood Hunt (W), he has a dash on his Jaws of the Beast (Q), and an insanely long range initiation with his Infinite Duress (Ultimate, R). Warwick's early ganks aren't amazing since he doesn't have a lot of ways to hold targets in place, but if his laner has CC, he is able to give them a bit of assistance. However, once Warwick does hit Level 6, his ganks become a true terror.

3. Graves


  • Extremely high burst damage
  • Good mobility
  • Great Versatility


  • No sustain in jungle
  • Low range
  • No crowd control

As a marksman, you wouldn't necessarily think of Graves as a jungler, but this is where he's found the most success. Graves has a great jungle clear speed thanks to his unique weapon that does AoE damage. Unfortunately he doesn't have great sustain in jungle, and his ganks aren't amazing because of low CC. However Graves does bring almost unparalleled burst damage from the jungle, and does it at range, which isn't something most junglers can boast. He is also one of the few jungle champions that scales pretty well into the late game.

2. Lee Sin


  • Unparalleled dueling power
  • Almost unrestricted mobility
  • Utility, initiation, and high damage


  • Extremely difficult to play
  • Relatively slow clear speed
  • Hard to use crowd control

If you can play Lee Sin effectively, he basically does everything. He can be built as a tank or a damage dealer, can fight junglers in their jungle and still escape, and is impactful at nearly any point of the game. Lee Sin is a notoriously difficult champion to balance because of the versatility and mobility in his kit, but the difficulty in executing some of his more stellar plays—in particular using Dragon's Rage (R) to assassinate a high priority target—tends to keep his win rate in check.

1. Ivern


  • Extremely fast jungle clear
  • Great ganks
  • Insane utility


  • Very low damage
  • Low mobility
  • Few offensive abilities

It takes a special kind of champion to displace Lee Sin as king of the jungle, and Ivern is certainly that. His Passive Friend of the Forest allows him an incredibly fast jungle clear and the ability to have two Red and Blue Buffs for his team simultaneously which is obviously incredibly powerful. His kit doesn't have a lot of offensive capability, but it does have great crowd control because of his Rootcaller (Q) and Daisy! (R).

Who do you think are the best junglers in 'League of Legends'?


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