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So you just managed to get 1600 dust to create a Legendary, and now you're starring at the screen wondering what card you should make. A real conundrum, indeed!

If you have a specific deck in mind that you want to play, then you should aim to craft a legendary in that specific decklist. There's also the question of what adventures to buy if you want to attain legendaries that way. If you're unsure about the direction you want to take your deck, here is some general advice on cards that will probably be useful in a variety of decks and metagames.

10. Raza the Chained

  • Set: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
  • Class: Priest
  • Decks: Reno Priest, Dragon Priest

Even though Raza is specific to one deck, it might be the best of the class specific Mean Streets cards. The 5/5 body for 5 mana is already pretty good rate, but it will immediately let you use Priest Hero Power for free that turn, and then for every turn for the rest of the game! Raza lets you be more aggressive than most highlander decks.

9. Edwin Van Cleef

  • Set: Classic
  • Class: Rogue
  • Decks: Miracle Rogue

While Edwin is only used in one deck (Miracle Rogue), he is quintessential in that style, and without him the deck suffers immensely. Miracle Rogue is a great deck for learning the intricacies of interactions in Hearthstone and leaves a lot of room for outplaying your opponent. Edwin is often backbreaking for you opponent when it comes in at 10/10 or 12/12.

8. Lord Jaraxxus

  • Set: Classic
  • Class: Warlock
  • Decks: Reno Lock, Hand Lock

Most Warlock decks these days are the highlander style Reno Lock (1 copy of each card), and this card is almost necessary. It acts as a great finisher for the game, with a powerful new hero power (creating a 6/6 infernal), and a high durability weapon. Just be aware of opponent's Dirty Rat pulling it out of your hand early. However if you drop Jaraxxus on an empty board, the game is usually in hand.

7. Fandral Staghelm

  • Set: Whispers of the Old Gods
  • Class: Druid
  • Decks: All

Unlike some of the other class specific cards above, Fandral is played in basically every Druid deck. That's because of how versatile he is and how many "Choose One" cards there are for druids. From everything from getting super value from Nourish, to 3 mana 5/5s from Druid of the Flame, to double Raven Idols, Fandral puts you way ahead on board and often can seal the game if you get any value from him.

6. Patches the Pirate

  • Set: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
  • Class: Any
  • Decks: Pirate Aggro

If you are an aggressive player, Patches the Pirate is almost a must have. In combination with Small Time Buccaneer, Patches has made aggressive decks a terror in the top ranks of the ladder. Thankfully after a nerf this strategy isn't quite as ubiquitous as it once was, but Patches is still a very strong card and will often get in 3-4 points of damage before an opponent has a chance of dealing with him.

5. Alexstrasza

  • Set: Classic
  • Class: Any
  • Decks: Dragon Warrior, Freeze Mage, Reno Decks

Alexstrasza is a bit of a niche card, but extremely powerful in the strategies that she works. She first rose to prominence in Freeze Mage, but since has been used in various Reno and Dragon style decks in multiple classes. Alexstrasza is versatile in the fact you can use it to deal up to 15 damage to an opponent, or bring your own life total up from the brink.

4. Leeroy Jenkins

  • Set: Classic
  • Class: Any
  • Decks: Miracle Rogue, Reno Lock, Aggro Decks

Leeroy is probably the best finisher in Hearthstone. Used in tandem with either Cold Blood (Rogues) or Faceless Manipulator (Anyone), Leeroy is able to do over half someone's life total in a single turn, with all the damage coming from hand. It's frustrating for opponents, but aggressive strategies can often thrive because of Leeroy which is their ace in the hole.

3. Aya Blackpaw

  • Set: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
  • Class: Druid, Rogue, Shaman
  • Decks: Jade Druid, Jade Rogue, Jade Shaman

The only reason Aya isn't higher on this list is because you can only use her as a member of the Jade Lotus classes (Druid, Rogue, Shaman). However in those classes, Aya is probably the card you most want to see. She generates two cards of value even if she does nothing but hit the battlefield, and if she dies of natural causes (not Polymorph, Entomb, etc), she will ultimately be a 3-for-1. Her stats aren't bad for the cost even with a low Jade Golem count, and with a high one, she can win the game outright.

2. Bloodmage Thalnos

  • Set: Classic
  • Class: Any
  • Decks: Various Shaman, Freeze Mage, Tempo Mage, Various Druid, Others

In basically any class that uses spell power, Bloodmage Thalnos is an auto include. He first rose to prominence in Freeze Mage builds, but has since become popular again because of the Shaman card Spirit Claws. He also sees play in other decks just because of his versatility. A card that replaces itself is good generally almost by itself, but add that to the low cost spell power, and you have a staple that's great in almost all spell based strategies.

1. Kazakus

  • Set: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
  • Class: Mage, Priest, Warlock
  • Decks: Reno Decks

Though highlander style decks are often still named after Reno Jackson, Kazakus is the card that gives them power. This card is incredibly versatile both playing as a tempo strategy, or going for insane value. Kazakus is especially potent when used in combination with Brann Bronzebeard (to get double Battlecry) or Manic Soulcaster (to put him back in your deck). The potions created by him can single handedly win the game at times, even if incredibly behind on board. Oh and you also get a 3/3 body to boot.

Hopefully you found this guide to Hearthstone legendary cards useful.

If you agree or disagree with the cards, or are glad you found this article, let us know by leaving a comment.

What do you think are the best Hearthstone legendaries?


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