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Want to brush up on your Overwatch game? There's no better way to do that than by watching the pros in action.

Whether you play offense, defense, support or tank, the greatest players from around the world will show you how to best utilize your chosen hero's skills. Watch and learn, readers.


It's no secret that 'healer' is generally viewed as the least fun team role to play, but Overwatch's adaptable cast of support characters go a long way toward reforming that image.

Foregoing kill-glory for the good of the team, these pro players have mastered the art of support, appearing wherever needed to help out a hero in need.

1. Sebastian "chipshajen" Widlund - Ana / Mercy

Ana might be the newest addition to the cast of Overwatch, but players wasted no time getting to grips with her no-scope-friendly sniper rifle and endlessly annoying sleep darts. Swedish EnVyUs member chipshajen shows how best to make the most of her and Mercy.

2. Daniel "dhaK" Martinez - Lucio

Perhaps the most agile hero of the bunch, Lucio glides around maps effortlessly and can be devastating in the right hands, as dhaK demonstrates here.


Good offense players have to be focused on much more than just DPS (damage per second). With high mobility and the ability to flank teams, offensive characters are great for pulling tanks out wide and generally disrupting the opposing team.

These are some of the most formidable lone wolves around, able to fly through the map while racking up an obscene amount of kills.

3. Jonathan "HarryHook" Rua - Tracer

Another Team EnVyUs member, HarryHook makes zipping round the battlefield look easy with Tracer; a character who benefits greatly from precise mouse control.

4. Ronnie "Talespin" DuPree - Parah

Talespin is said to be one of the best Parah players in the world, and this video proves why. This isn't flying, it's rocket-jumping with style.

5. Brandon "Seagull" Larned - Genji

American pro Seagull is renowned for his top tier Genji play and he's on an absolute rampage here.


The name of the game is map control, making the defense class your go to when it comes to holding down a location. Turret and trap placement are key here and can be used to dig into a spot when the enemy are throwing everything at you. If you happen to have one of these guys on your team, no spot is too tricky to get out of.

6. Daniel "Gods" Graeser - Widowmaker

Gods shows off how to best utilize Widowmaker, Zenyatta and Mei, who are some of the hardest heroes to master.

7. Daniel "Gods" Graeser - Zenyatta / Mei

Ice cold killer!

8. Lester "Kudochop" Brooks - Hanzo

One of the more aggressive defense characters, Hanzo and his bow are deadly in the right hands. In this video Kudochop relentlessly one-hits opponents square between the eyes. Also note how he leads his arrow shots (as well as bounces them off surfaces) so that even those out of view aren't safe from harm.


The tank's job is all about drawing fire, soaking up damage and leading team charges. Still close to your supports and, most importantly, don't die!

9. Renbot - Reinhardt

A Reinhardt that knows what they're doing can be the linchpin in a close-quarters battle. Managing the shield to attract attention must be balanced with knowing when to rocket boost in; an agressive counter-move that Renbot nails every time in the video above.

10. Kim "Geguri" Se-yeon - Zarya

You may recognize Gegury's name, who was embroiled in an Overwatch cheating scandal earlier this year. At just 17-years-old, the Korean is one of the youngest on the pro circuit but has quickly built a reputation as one of the best Zarya players around.

She's so good, in fact, that rivals began accusing her of hacking the game and she was reported to Blizzard. All allegations have since been dismissed. Yep - she's just that damn good, so get watching! (Skip to the 5 minute mark for gameplay)

11. MoonMoon - Roadhog

Having trouble landing your hookshot? Overwatch veteran MoonMoon is a force to be reckoned with when playing Roadhog, one of the game's most resilient heroes. Learn when to hold back in the wings and when to push forward by paying attention to his movements. You'll be dragging the enemy team across the map in no time!

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