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Games aren't perfect. As gamers, we understand that all too well. There's probably not a game that exists that doesn't have some kind of glitch somewhere in all that code. But not all glitches are alike, and some are bigger (and funnier) than others. In fact, some have even broken free of their game environments to attract the attention of people outside the gaming industry! (I know, such a world exists?!)

Here are a few glitches we here at Now Loading found to be some of the most egregious, creepiest, funniest, and even most downright epic in the history of game glitches everywhere. Experienced any of them yourself?

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The 7 Biggest, Baddest, and Funniest Glitches in all of Video Game Glitch-dom

1. Love is a Many Splendored Thing (Dragon's Dogma)

Capcom's 2012 RPG had the unique feature of automatically choosing a "beloved" for your player based on their affinity (which can be raised through things like interacting with this person, doing quests for this person, etc.). This person would then be kidnapped by The Dragon, forcing you to choose between their life and a tough battle. It's a pretty neat game mechanic that further enhances the immersion and customization of the game.

There's just one little catch—anyone in the game can become your beloved. And we mean anyone. That fourteen-year-old girl? Fair game. That creepy, court jester? Also fair game. And because affinity builds by interacting with NPCs, this makes it easy to max-out affinity for people like blacksmiths and item sellers without you even realizing it, leading to a dramatic scene of love between you and the guy who sold you Mithridate.

Oh, and if you max-out affinity for multiple people, the last person you talk to will become your beloved, so be careful who you talk to!

Watch how hilarious the ending becomes when Feste the court jester is your beloved:

2. Manimal House (Red Dead Redemption)

Sometimes glitches are epic. Sometimes glitches are funny.

Sometimes glitches are just plain creepy.

is known for its large world and multitude of things you can do in that world, but in such a large environment, mistakes are... bound to happen. Across those wide plains of the Old West roam many a wild animal, but a certain, unknown glitch gives these animals a decidedly human set of skin. What results is what the Red Dead community has lovingly (or not-so-lovingly) dubbed "manimals."

These manimals are grossly distorted and disfigured human skins forced onto bodies of horses, snakes, cougars, donkeys, and birds. They would bend in bizarre ways, their eyes popping out of their heads as they sniff themselves, gallop around, occasionally charge at the player (in the case of the cougars and snakes), or actually fly around the sky flapping their arms. It's funny yet strangely disturbing at the same time, especially if you think about running into one of these things and not knowing they're a glitch...

Check out a variety of the different 'manimals' in the video below:

3. A Plague Upon Your House (World of Warcraft)

This glitch became such a phenomenon, it would go on to involve normal people! You know, people that aren't gamers, which is, well, saying a lot. In September of 2005, Blizzard release a new patch for their wildly popular MMO entitled "Rise of the Blood God," the star of which who was winged reptile lady named Hakkar. She was the boss of a new 20-man raid, and she just so happened to have an exceedingly frustrating skill up her arsenal.

"Corrupted Blood" was pretty much the bane of players' existences. Not only could it kill someone in very little time, it could spread to other players within the victim's proximity, basically turning into an infectious disease optimized for wiping our your entire party.

Now, you can imagine such an enemy could quickly bring even the strongest of parties to their knees, so it only makes sense that players would sometimes quit the raid. The game would spring them back out to the main game world, healing them of any raid-incurred status effects. What the developers forgot to do, however, was also heal their pets.

Once Hunters and Warlocks realized the havoc they could induce with their "corrupted" pets, they began unleashing them in more and more congested areas, seeing how many of their fellows players they could take down with their new plague at a time. It became so bad that players began avoiding any common spaces, and their trust in unfamiliar players sank to an unfathomable low.

One player inflicting the "plague" upon a group of blissfully ignorant civilians:

Blizzard finally decided to eliminate the "spreading" ability from the skill to keep the horrendous bug from further plaguing the game. But that didn't keep word of what had happened from reaching outside sources. An epidemiologist, a professor of health, and the deputy director of the Center of Terrorism and Intelligence himself all found this curious event fascinating and possibly helpful in researching real-life epidemic outbursts and terrorist attacks. Now that spells w-o-w!

4. A Real Pain in the Neck (Battlefield 3)

Pretty much every Battlefield game has had a few glitches for players to wade through, especially during their beta phases, and this doozie caused quite a stir when the Battlefield 3 beta was first launched. While there were a number of unsettling body twitching glitches to give players a laugh (or a fright), none of them compare to the long-necked wonder.

For some reason, soldiers' crawl animations were glitched to the point where anyone trying to crawl turned into a grossly deformed worm man with an elongated neck and hands wiggling uselessly behind him. Instead of crawling, these unfortunate specimens simply buck and lurch their upper torsos, looking more akin to a mutated monstrosity out of a horror game than a first-person war shooter. Though the bug was eventually patched out, videos of the hilarity still abound on the interwebs.

5. 'Tis a Flesh Wound (Grand Theft Auto V)

The world of is huge, immersive, and changes, morphs, reacts to the things you do in game. Attack some innocent person? Steal a car? Perform a heist? It's all well and good until the police chase you, but even then, you can still usually get away. But how about when the police show up right in the middle of an important, dramatic conversation?

Well, thanks to the fact that programmed the world of the game to continue moving even during cutscenes, those police officers will attack you just like they would if you weren't in a cutscene! They don't care that this might be a "moment." But thankfully, your characters don't care either, because they'll continue their conversation as normal even while being riddled with bullets. That's gotta take nerves of steel, am I right?

Watch a tense conversation between Michael and Trevor get interrupted by those rude old police with no sense of decency:

6. The World is Not Enough (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

Now, a lot of these glitches aren't exactly game-breaking. They're funny or creepy, though don't render your game, you know, dead or anything. But this next glitch not only screws with your game, it even screws with your save file, forcing you to start over from scratch! Talk about terrifying!

It all started when Bethesda released The Shivering Isles expansion pack for its hit game and fans clamored to install all this new content into their game. At first, nothing seemed amiss. Players were joyful, blissful, continuing along in their games as if nothing was wrong, but little did they know their game files were being eaten away from within...

It's known as the "FormID" glitch. A FormID is basically an identifier for the game. Every item, NPC, and patch of data has their own unique FormID telling the game what it is and how to interpret it. In the Shivering Isles expansion, six different NPCs had the unique feature of generating new, randomly chosen FormIDs every single frame of the game. Now, you can imagine how many FormIDs would quickly accrue from this. Eventually, they would run out of unique FormIDs and begin writing over the FormIDs of other game assets.

The further you would progress in the game, the more and more FormIDs would be written over, and pieces of the world, characters, dialogue, and even your save file would gradually disappear until you couldn't even load the game anymore, almost as if your game was being eaten away from the inside out. The glitch was irreparable until Bethesda discovered the cause of the glitch and patched it out, but those who'd lost all their hard work weren't exactly happy...

7. The Michael Jordan of Magic (EA Sports UFC)

This last one is more than just one glitch, but I had to include it all the same because of how hilarious it is. is a mixed martial arts fighting game based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship that allows you to step into the shoes of some of the sport's most powerful, agile, and skilled athletes. It was never an amazing game, by any means, but it was fun and immersive for fans of the genre and for fighting games in general.

That being said, it's not without its glitches. And while some of these glitches, mostly of the body deformation variety, would be funny all on their own, they become gut-bustingly hilarious when commentated in the style of actual UFC announcers Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan. Hearing what sounds like official announcers describing these physically impossible glitches will have you in stitches.

Some of my favorite quotes include:

  • "He's showing incredible flexibility in his bones, Joe."
  • "What are the benefits of completely freezing your body during a fight with yourself?"
  • "Incredible strength and total disregard for the laws of physics."

Watch the full video below:

What are some of your favorite glitches? Any glitches that frustrated you to the point of real tears? Any glitches that make you laugh so hard they also elicit tears? Let us know!


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