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Star Wars Battlefront II is a game that countless fans of the franchise have been waiting with anticipation after the first game fell short of our initial hopes. Today marked the beginning of EA DICE's plan to establish Star Wars Battlefront II as one of the biggest FPS games on the market.

Even though tomorrow's EA Play event was set to reveal Star Wars Battlefront II, it seems that EA DICE wanted to give fans a quick teaser. DICE announced earlier today that a beta trial would be revealed soon, along with a few perks granted with pre-ordering the game.

The Star Wars Battlefront II pre-order will give players early access to the beta, as well as an upgraded Epic Lightsaber Mastery Star Card for Yoda. The Star Card's purpose is still yet to be seen, but we'll likely learn about it at tomorrows reveal. Along with these perks, players who pre-order will also recieve the previously announced bonuses such as: Star Wars: The Last Jedi outfits for Rey and Kylo Ren, instant access to the : The Last Jedi Millenium Falcon and six starfighter and hero epic star cards.

Even though the trailer is only seven seconds long, it shows two quick shots, both of battle droids most likely from the Theed map that will be on full display at the Play Showcase.

Currently Star Wars Battlefront II is scheduled to release on November 17th, 2017 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Are you ready to check out more details at the Saturday reveal?


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