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The fifteenth installment in the Final Fantasy series is but one week away from being in the hands of players everywhere. And while we've seen plenty of previews and even a few demo playthroughs, most of the game is still a mystery.

Sadly, the closer and closer big-name games get to release, the more likely it is leaks will start appearing. It would seem Final Fantasy XV is not exception. If you're one of the many who want to keep the game a surprise, it's a good time to start being very careful on the internet, as spoilers abound.

The Good News Is, The Game Will Have A Day-One Patch

Day-one patches are not uncommon in gaming — No Man's Sky notoriously had a day-one patch that addressed a lot of the issues players had based on the pre-release copy (though, not enough of them to satisfy fans). Often times, day-one patches are exactly that variety of patch: bug-fix.

Final Fantasy XV's, however, is going to add a decent amount of content that won't be available in any of the leaked copies. Chief among them are an ability to summon certain beasts to fight alongside you, as well as numerous additional cutscenes to help bridge the gap between this game and Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (as well as the short film, Omen).

What this means is, even if you see spoiler videos before its official release, there are going to be parts of the game that change. Again, though, these changes are not going to change major story elements so much as supplement the existing ones.

In Other Words, You Still Shouldn't Spoil It For Other Players

If you've ever played through a game or even seen a movie with a major emphasis on story, you probably know that part of what makes it so great is the journey itself. The same is going to be true of everyone playing Final Fantasy XV for the story. And even those not playing for story will want to save all the little aspects of the game to discover themselves.

The little aspects of the game that bring it to life are sometimes the most satisfying ones. Think back to the first in-game vista that took your breath away. Imagine if you hadn't experienced that yourself and instead had someone shove it in your face. It wouldn't be the same, no matter how pretty the view.

If you're the type to intentionally spoil, then you're probably going to do it anyway (not that that makes it okay), But if you just like to excitedly talk about games, keep in mind that the next few weeks are going to be full of people who have yet to experience the full game for themselves.

Most Importantly, This Is A Game With A Lot Of Dedication Put Into It

The other end of the spectrum isn't people who want to spoil it for others, rather people who spoil it for themselves. As eager gamers, I understand it's going to be hard to wait to see what the game has to offer or to not talk about it as soon as you find out. But I also understand that this game has had a lot of people put their hearts and souls into making this happen. To spoil it would be to experience it in a way unintended by its creators.

It's hard to really put this any better than game director Hajime Tabata did in a statement made this morning:

We are nearing the release date of November 29. I’m wishing from the bottom of my heart that everyone will get to enjoy the game with a fresh new feeling. However, we’ve confirmed that some packages of Final Fantasy XV have been released around some parts of the world, with gameplay videos being uploaded to the Internet. This may be inevitable due to regional circumstances, but it’s something we regret very much.

It’s our big goal to have everyone enjoy the story of Final Fantasy XV and discover its surprises through the simultaneous global release. There are likely other spoiler videos and such circulating out there that we had not expected, so for those of you looking forward to Final Fantasy XV, we hope that you’ll be careful.

We are doing everything we can to prevent the circulation of the spoiler videos. For those of you that received the game earlier, please keep those who’ve waited a long time for the game in consideration. In order to meet the best possible release date with everybody, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

There isn't anger behind his words so much as there is sadness. People will do as they do, but just keep in mind that appreciating the game is as much about enjoying your experience playing it as it is respecting the wishes of those who made it.

How do you feel about spoilers, and especially those from a big-name release like this?

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