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The BioShock movie is the thing that everyone wants but will never seem to get. In a way, we've all accepted this reality and learned to process it in our own ways—whether that's replaying the game or drawing photos of naked Big Daddies. But thanks to the inquisitive minds of Reddit, we've now got an answer to one of the biggest questions we've had about the cancelled project—what the hell happened?!

Gore Verbinski Reveals That A 'BioShock' Movie Was Closer Than We Could've Imagined

Gore Verbinski, director of the Pirates of the Caribbean series and A Cure For Wellness, has revealed in a recent Reddit AMA that the film was less of an impossible conceptual unicorn than previously thought. At the time of its cancellation, it was a mere eight weeks away from its filming date and Universal Studios just wasn't happy with the prospect of throwing it all into an R-rated dystopian slasher flick.

Verbinski discusses the details in his posted response:

Well it’s no short answer to that question but we were eight weeks prior shooting when the plug was pulled. It’s an R rated movie. I wanted to keep it R rated, I felt like that would be appropriate, and it’s an expensive movie.

It’s a massive world we’re creating and it’s not a world we can simply go to locations to shoot. “A Cure For Wellness”, we were able to really utilize a variety of location to create the world. “Bioshock” it wouldn’t work like that, we’d be building an entire underworld universe. So I think the combination of the price tag and the rating, universal just didn’t feel comfortable ultimately. At that time also there were some R rated, expensive R rated movies that were not working.

Concept art for the film adaptation. [Credit: Jim Martin]
Concept art for the film adaptation. [Credit: Jim Martin]

While it's still pretty heartbreaking that the project never came to fruition, I think we can almost be glad that it never hit the screen with anything less than the best intentions behind it. I can't be the only one that would be disappointed with PG-13 Big Daddy battles, Little Sister injections and no f-bombs. Am I right? I'm with you, Mr. Verbinski!

Is There A Chance That A 'BioShock' Film Could Still Happen?

Sure. Fortunately for us, all hope's not lost. Take-Two Interactive has been relaxing a bit with its IPs. Though we're still not sure which IPs are the sold items in question, it's probably not out of the question to expect that there's a studio out there with the itch to put the underwater dystopia on the big screen.

While we'll never see a Verbinski BioShock film, we can definitely check out Verbinski's latest in theaters on February 17, 2016:


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