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America's Black Friday craze has wormed its way into Japan. Black Friday takes place the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, kicking off the Christmas shopping season for consumers and giving retailers a quick influx of cash -- putting them in the black rather than in the red. While Japan has no such tradition at this time of year, retailers have decided consumerism is universal. Black Friday is on the road to becoming a global event.

Though Toys"R"Us brought Black Friday to Japan back in 2014, Japanese shopping mall Aeon jumped on board this year, bringing the event into the spotlight. Gap joined in on the festivities, offering items such as sweaters and jeans for as little as 100 yen -- or less than a single US Dollar. While there's unlikely to be profit in selling those items for so little, it certainly brought consumers into their stores.

International retailers have been liberal with their use of "Friday." Some of these sales last the full weekend, all the way through the more modern creation of Cyber Monday, or even an entire week.

This is the first year Japanese retailers have invested significant energy into promoting Black Friday, and while its lasting success remains to be seen, some question whether Japanese consumers will indulge in the deals or turn away due to cultural conflicts. In any case, as Black Friday slithers its way across the globe, we can only hope the Black Friday Death Counter doesn't run as wild as these deals do.

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